Report from Livestreaming: Amazon’s “New World” gains attention Closed beta is a popular choice for gamers

Twitch’s viewership taking such a steep drop in June can be attributed, simply enough, to it finally being summer. (StreamElements/ Image)

Twitch has seen its growth slow but not stop in summer months. Facebook Gaming is continuing to increase its share of livestreaming; there’s an emerging competitor; Amazon’s New World reached 34 million viewers last month as users flocked to its closed beta.

The latest “State of the Stream” report was just published by Israeli firm StreamElements, a provider of tools and services for VOD production, in conjunction with its Chicago-based analytics partner,

Amazon’s Twitch is still the most popular livestreaming platform, with more than 1.8 billion hours of content being broadcasted in July. Although it is still 23% more than July 2020’s numbers, this month’s drop in Twitch’s audience can be partially attributed to summer.

This means that most of the Top 10 Twitch Games have seen a decrease in viewership, such as Grand Theft Auto V and League of Legends. But, Minecraft saw a 27% increase to its total hours of viewing during July.

Twitch proved to be the best platform to watch Amazon’s MMORPG New World. The closed beta was available from July 20 through August 2. It was watched by many MMO-focused streamers. While it didn’t make the top 10, it still received 34 million total hours of viewing.

Rainmaker’s data shows that New World is now at the top of the list. Twitch’s 14th spot is for the month. This is another advantage for Amazon as it works on breaking its long-standing cold streak in game development in advance of the (recently delayed) launch of the game, Sept. 28.

Gaming still provides most of the content on Twitch, but other categories have begun to steadily rise. (StreamElements/ Image)

Twitch’s gaming content suffered a general downturn as did the perennial No. While Twitch’s gaming content suffered, as did its perennial No. 1 category of Just Chatting. However, it is growing in other channels. As we saw last year, a lot of people turned to Twitch for ersatz social networks and/or hobbyist networking during the pandemic, which has given a big burst of audience attention to categories of content that were previously obscure.

This includes Art (up 149%), Music (325%), and ASMR (231%). Twitch’s Sports category, launched in July 2020, has seen a 1,222% spike in its audience since then, with Twitch making deals to broadcast shows like old UFC fights, pro wrestling, talk radio, and international soccer matches.

Other analysts have pointed to the National Women’s Soccer League as the champion of the Sports category, which hit the highest number of peak viewers of any related content in the second quarter of 2021.

Inexplicably Twitch’s market share has grown steadily while Facebook Gaming is struggling in July and June. Although its total audience is only a fraction of Twitch, Facebook Gaming set a new viewing record in July with 533,000,000 hours of video, a 53% increase year-over-year.

Facebook Gaming is notably popular outside the U.S., and many mobile-focused content creators are on the platform. (StreamElements/ Image)

Facebook’s steady, but slow growth seems to have been due to its greater focus on mobile gaming. International hits such as Arena of Valor and Garena Fire are attracting viewers all over the globe. Despite Facebook’s worsening PR issues, it does have its social network backing it up, which gives it an attached audience that Amazon can’t quite match.

Trovo was quietly launched in June 2020 and is just now making waves on the livestreaming marketplace.

Trovo was only able to reach 22 million people in July. However, the number of users who watched Trovo grew by 29% during Q1 and Q2 this year. It is similar to Facebook Gaming in that it places a greater emphasis on mobile games, with Call of Duty Mobile reaching the No. Trovo ranked Trovo 2 for July

This doesn’t make a difference in the present state of play. However, Trovo’s ownership by Tencent is a reason to be vigilant.

Tencent is a company that holds a majority or partial stake in many of largest companies in video gaming, such as Riot (League of Legends), Epic Games(Fortnite), Activision Blizzard [Call of Duty], World of Warcraft], TiMi Studios (which opened an office recently in Seattle), TiMi Studios (which just opened another in Seattle), and the Sumo Group (parent company of Timbre Games, Vancouver).

While simply having a giant corporate backer doesn’t necessarily mean Trovo’s going to succeed, as we saw with Microsoft’s Mixer, Trovo could eventually develop into a genuine threat to Twitch’s current market dominance. This could be a case where Amazon should keep its eyes on it.

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