Samsung has its own AI-designed chip Soon others will follow. Too

Synopsys sells software to design semiconductors to many companies. Now, it is adding artificial intelligence.

Samsung uses artificial intelligence for the automated design of cutting-edge computers chips.

This South Korean company is among the first to employ AI in creating its chips. Samsung is using AI features in new software from Synopsys, a leading chip design software firm used by many companies. Aart De Geus (chairman and coCEO at Synopsys) says, “What you see here is the first real commercial processor design using AI.”

Nvidia and Google have also discussed AI-based chips. by Synopsys is the most powerful because it works with many companies. According to industry observers, the tool could accelerate semiconductor development and enable new chip designs.

Synopsys also has a valuable resource for creating AI-designed chips, years of semiconductor design that can be used in training an AI algorithm.

A spokesperson for Samsung confirms that the company is using Synopsys AI software to design its Exynos chips, which are used in smartphones, including its own branded handsets, as well as other gadgets. Samsung unveiled its newest smartphone, a foldable device called the Galaxy Z Fold3, earlier this week. It was not clear if the AI-designed chips are in production or what product they might appear in.

AI is changing how chips are manufactured across the board.

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