Stacy Madison’s Success Story

Stacy Madison's Success Story

Stacy’s Pita Chips and Stacy’s Juicebar founder talks about her entrepreneurial journey.

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Stacy Madison, the founders of Stacy’s Pita Chips and Stacy’s Juicebar, seems to be a major talent in the field of health food.

Madison’s journey to entrepreneurship began with her invention of her first product.

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Pita chips manufacturer was not able to change the ways people snacked in the low-carb period. She believes in happiness and is passionate about her pita chips, juicebar, or new business, BeBOLD bars. You can make work something you enjoy by doing this.

How did Stacy’s Pita chips become a nationally recognized snack brand?

She was determined and in debt when she made the decision to quit her job as social worker and start a food cart. The cart was called Stacy’s D’lights Boston and served sandwiches made with healthy ingredients on pita bread. She and her partner kept a large supply of fresh pita bread on hand to create roll-up sandwiches every day. They then made chips from the bread and gave them away to everyone who asked. They decided to expand their offering to include chips in larger markets.

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Madison leased space at a brewery and eventually bought a Sealy Mattress factory near Randolph, Mass. Produced 1.6 Million lbs. Every day, they produced 1.6 million lbs. The bread became chips after being baked. Madison was able to lead the brand’s rise to become one of the most popular natural snack foods brands in America. The journey did not end there.

Madison, her twin sisters and best friend sold her pita chips company to PepsiCo in 2006 and traveled around Southeast Asia for five months with them. After her return from travels she found the same passion and opened Stacy’s Juicebar, Needham, Mass. She sold smoothies and juices as well as acai bowls.

The energy bars became popular just like pita chips. Madison was forced to shut down the juice bar due to pandemic. She has since rediscovered her love for healthy snacks and launched BeBOLD energy bars along with David Lowe.

Madison’s inspiring story can be a source of inspiration for entrepreneurs everywhere. Entrepreneurs can succeed if they have enough faith in themselves, their product, and their passion.

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