The Growth Roundup: Stories for Startups, Early-stage influencers, retail media spend

Julian Shapiro, a growth marketing specialist told us that successful branding is about creating a company customers are not happy to leave. They would no longer be that guy with Slack stickers on his laptop. Oder the woman who doesn’t wear Nike sneakers every day. They are both annoyed.

Shapiro is a techie, having been a repeated startup founder and an open-source web developer. He is now the co-founders of Demand Curve growth education agency and Bell Curve startup growth agency. His philosophy? Tell your story from the heart. To learn more about his vision for marketing in 2021, we interviewed him this week.

We published guest columns on TechCrunch this week and Extra Crunch about the use of influencers for early-stage brands and the global media trend in retail media. In addition, we talked with Growth Folks, an Indian growth marketing agency.

First, let’s look at some of the top recommendations made by founders during our recent startup growth marketinger survey. (If there’s a growth marketer that you’ve enjoyed working with, please tell us here.)

MarketerBili Sule,AlGROWithm
Recommend by:Femi AikiFoodlocker
Testimonial: “Bili is a former Jumia Nigeria vice president for Growth Marketing and Founders Factory Africa senior growth consultant. She has a track record of driving business growth. Her ability to see through the noise and vanities and find a method to engineer consistent and reliable growth has helped her to become a trusted advisor for many. Bili is unique in her approach to marketing. Bili is data-driven and uses an iterative, experimental approach to unlock growth in all business pillars. This includes product marketing and operation.

Marketer Jack Abramowitz
Recommend by: Marwen Refaat,GameFi
Testimonial:Jack is an incredibly gifted growth hacker and builder of automated growth engines. His assistance has been invaluable to us.”

Building a growth community in India with Ayush Srivastava of Growth Folks: India is producing a huge, well-funded new generation of startups and increasing sophistication in growth marketing is one reason why. In a recent interview, Srivastava stated that companies have begun to realize the importance of having an effective growth team. The growth marketing team has also been experimenting and using data to solve problems. Many startups are now thinking outside the box, trying to discover new avenues for acquisition. You don’t see them limiting themselves to traditional methods of acquiring users. That’s why so many innovative ideas are so popular.”

(Extra Crunch) Early-stage brands should also unlock the power of influencers: Jonathan Martinez, an experienced growth marketer, breaks down influencer marketing. Martinez points out that “When you reach out to influencers it is a numbers game to capture their attention and pitch your brand. But there are many ways to increase conversion.”

(Extra Crunch) What’s driving the global surge in retail media spending? Cynthia Luo, head of marketing at Epsilo, discusses what modern marketing is in 2021. Luo talks also about the adaptations businesses had to make during the COVID-19 epidemic. Luo states, “E-commerce is becoming a great marketing channel. However, the market must equip brands with the correct tools and data to reap the rewards of retail marketing.”

The art of startup storytelling with Julian Shapiro: Eric Eldon, Extra Crunch managing editor, spoke with Julian Shapiro, about how companies communicate with the public. Shapiro shared insights about his experiences as an angel investor. “I am interested in companies with product-led, brand affinity moats, and who are harder to compete against the bigger they get.”

(Extra Crunch) Growth tactics that will jump-start your customer base: Jenny Wang, principal investor at Neo, gives insights on the challenges startups now face to launch their customer base and provides some tactics to help them do so. Wang writes about the five-year old playbook and how it has changed over time.

Salesforce State of Marketing: Salesforce published a marketing report that uses data from a double-blind survey they conducted. They have five chapters: “Marketers Embed Change with Optimism,” “As Customers Move Digitally, Marketing Steps up,” “Marketing is Spelled D–A-T–A,” and “Metrics, KPIs Continue Evolving.” The report focuses on digital channels and uses data from a double-blind survey. For example, 69% of marketers use mobile messaging. Nearly two-thirds (63%) of companies also use streaming media such as podcasts or streaming ads. The report also lists the “Most Valuable Marketing Metrics/KPIs,” and discusses “Digital Marketing Techniques.”

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