This week’s Bungie news and Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris Rewards

Bungie’s Trials of Osiris will be dominating the Crucible again this weekend as the development team prepares for Destiny 2’s next major expansion.

While we don’t have much information about the D2 updates, we know that there are plans for today’s PvP event.

Similar to previous weeks, your main goal in the Trials are to win as many matches possible and unlock the most powerful weapons and armour.

Adept weapons were prominently featured in this season’s Flawless rewards, and last week The Messenger Adept Pulse Rifle was on sale.

At 6 PM BST the Trials of Osiris event launches. The map selection will then be confirmed once servers are live. The best fireteams will then be able to win the prizes that are available for those who have secured a place in The Lighthouse.

The next Weekly Reset will follow on August 13, and will eliminate all weapons and other items.

Saint-14, the Trials of Osiris vendor is an event newcomer who currently lives in Tower Hangar together with his ship and pigeons.

For those who are able to complete the Crucible, it will be well worth the effort. You can also win Saint’s inventory updates, Bounties and Trials Passages.

Each week’s map rotations will continue, but Bungie has changed the weapons that you can get during events.

We’ll keep you updated on the most recent news about what loot and rewards can be found across PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Bungie has provided details on the Trials experience in this article.

Test Passages“Each Passage can only be purchased from Saint-14 and each one has its own mechanics. Every Passage tracks wins and losses during a Trials. Players will lose three Passages if they have suffered a loss. They can either reset their Passage or buy a new one.

Mercy: Available 24/7 and forgiving one run loss

FerocityYour Third Win is always available, with no losses and grants you a bonus win

Trust:After going Flawless, unlocks a Flawless reward chest that grants you a bonus reward.

WealthYou can unlock 5 wins or more Trials tokens by winning Trials matches.

WisdomYou can unlock 7 wins, and get bonus XP for Trials Wins. This scales with how many tickets you have won.

Trials BountiesPlayers can purchase Passages as well as three Trials Bounties. Weekly Bounties reward XP. Daily Bounties reward XP. 15 Valor rank points and 2 Trials tokens. Additional Bounties reward XP.

Bungie also revealed that some major changes will be made to next season. This will impact the Trials of Osiris rewards. The development team informed Guardians today.

We are working on mods to improve the ammo economics. It is easy to achieve 100% uptime when using double ammo-scavenger modes for special weapons, both in PvP or PvE.

This is a significant factor for how oppressive some Special Weapons feel in PvP. We believe that reducing their effectiveness will help to address this issue. However, we are open to reviewing this depending on the performance of this weapon in wild.

We’re looking at Ammo Finder improvements to make it easier to get Special and Heavy ammo for PvE. A new type of leg armor mod will also be introduced that reloads stowed weapon.

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