TikTok reveals Eminem’s 19-year-old child as being nonbinary Video

In a TikTok video the teenager announced the news, asking for people to use pronouns “they/he/she” to refer to him/her. He also added the hashtags #genderfluid and #bi. After reconciling with Kim Scott, Eminem (48) legally adopted Stevie.

Stevie shared a video of their changes over the years. It was captioned, “Watch me become less comfortable with myself”, and included photos of Stevie cutting off their hair and trying different styles.

According to The Sun the name of the 19-year old was mentioned in Kathleen Sluck’s final month’s funeral.

According to the obituary, Kathleen “was an exceptional mother to her daughters Kim and Dawn and was thrilled to be a grandma to Alaina and Adam and Hailie and Stevie and Parker.”

Brooke wrote a tribute to Stevie on Eminem’s obituary website. It referred to some of the intimate moments they shared with Eminem’s baby.

The message said that Stevie and I drove each other crazy, with all the sleepovers. You called us constantly telling us to quit being loud.

To go to bed, and to spend our mornings together for Tim Horton runs. We also enjoy sitting out on our back porches talking to you and hearing all of your stories.

Six months after Eminem’s divorce, Kim had given birth to Stevie.

Stevie is the biological daughter of Kim Hartter and her ex-boyfriend Eric Hartter. They formed a romantic relationship during Eminem’s break.

Eric was a tattoo artist who died from an overdose in 2019.

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