Two PCR tests could be used to reduce the cost for travelers.
simple tips - a 'good deal'

Two PCR tests could be used to reduce the cost for travelers. simple tips – a ‘good deal’

Two PCR tests could be used to reduce the cost for travelers.
simple tips - a 'good deal'

According to research done by ZAVA, holiday bookings are now allowed under traffic lights. However, mandatory testing in green or amber countries may have been “priced out”, affecting as many as 22,000,000 Britons. Although an investigation by the Competitions and Markets Authority has been initiated into testing’s price, no conclusion has yet been reached. In the meantime, however, Nicky Kelvin, head of the Points Guy UK, suggests there are some ways holidaymakers can keep costs down.

At the moment, travelers returning from countries on the green list do not have to be quarantined. However, they must undergo a PCR test within two days.

These rules are applicable to travellers who have been fully vaccinated and returning from countries on the amber-list. However, those arriving from countries not listed must be quarantined for at least 10 days, then take another PCR test.

Tests must only be ordered from an authorized provider, as indicated on the Government’s website.

Saving money begins with making sure that holidaymakers are familiarized with these guidelines and planning accordingly.

Kelvin stated, “I believe the most important thing is to concentrate on the new rules for amber.”

The new rule for vaccinating is to follow the green list guidelines.

You will need to perform a three-day test prior to departure. This test can be either an antigen or a lateral flow. PCR can also be done. Then, you can do the day two PCR test.

To cut down on costs, Mr Kelvin says there are two avenues holidaymakers have to choose from.

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Kelvin stated, “First and foremost, find a great deal on a test you can take with you.”

Pre-packaged test kits can be purchased by travelers and they are available for use abroad.

British Airways and easyJet have already formed partnerships with testing companies to offer customers special pricing.

Collinson, also a partner of easyJet to offer customers a 20% discount when they test both from and to the UK.

EasyJet lists Randox and Boots among its named testing providers.

British Airways customers also have the option to receive discounted testing if you use Breathe assured, Chronomics or Collinson, Eurofins ExpressTest and Halo.

Kelvin knows this and suggests it to other travelers.

He explained, “I have done it twice already.”

Qured was the company I chose. They are a partnership partner with British Airways, and some other airlines.

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They offer a free test. It’s a small lateral flow kit that you can take with you on holiday. Then, within three days of returning home from your trip, you set up a time to speak with them on your cell phone.

They verify that you have done the test correctly and send you your potentially negative results.

They will then issue you with a certificate, which you can use to return to the UK. This is the document you will need.

British Airways has a Discount Code, while a number of other companies have their own discount codes.

It costs PS33 for the test, which includes a certificate and everything else you will need.

“PS33” is a reasonable price and gives you peace of mind knowing that it is on your person.

It eliminates the necessity to search for tests abroad. This can be daunting, as Mr Kelvin points-out.

This expert has some tips to make sure your day two or eight test goes smoothly.

He advised that you must include the booking reference in your Passenger Locator form. This means that it is important to prepare ahead to book.

This can lead to problems. You need to locate a reliable provider. It’s important to know that they will be available for you. They’ll send it to you and return it to you.

But what many people do not realize is that the day-two test can be taken on any of days one, two or zero. You can take the test as soon as your plane lands, with some companies offering it in-airport.

This is a really fascinating idea that makes it a lot simpler.

Express Test is a recommendation by Mr Kelvin. It currently operates at Heathrow and Gatwick airports, Edinburgh and Birmingham.

He said, “At this time they charge PS69 for a test for aPCR.”

It’s expensive, but very affordable.

All these factors are important to consider when deciding whether holidaymakers can save money on their test.

He said, “As a mixture, you spend PS33 on a pre-departure exam and PS69 for the two tests, that can be taken on day zero at airport. You can quickly get all the things out the way.”

“You pay just above PS100 per head which, while it is not inexpensive, falls within the range of what some people may be able afford.”

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