Warzone patch notes: Call of Duty Season 5 Update news
One and 4

Warzone patch notes: Call of Duty Season 5 Update news One and 4

Warzone patch notes: Call of Duty Season 5 Update news
One and 4

Developers Raven Software have confirmed all the big updates being made as part of the Call of Duty Warzone Season 5 release.

The Warzone patch notes included an extensive rundown, as well as details about how Verdansk would change over the next weeks.

Mobile Broadcast Stations, however, will appear as Points of Interest on the map. They won’t be in fixed locations. These will instead be randomly set for each match making it much more difficult to locate.

Raven sent a message to fans explaining that they may play an even bigger role in the Season. He said: “These POIs are located in many locations in Verdansk and differ from match-to–match. This is done in order to prevent one location from being signaled boosted by rewards.

You can see what they are all about by getting closer. But, keep your head down and listen to the radio broadcasts each one sends.

The Red Doors can send you to other locations than your main room. It could be related to the Mobile Broadcast Stations found around Verdansk.

Reports suggest that [[REDACTED]] may be doing something in Verdansk. We don’t know what. It is an unauthorized [[REDACTED]] which could put at risk our efforts to stop Stitch from being discovered.

The Gulag will be replaced by a level that is based on Black Ops II maps. It will include the main speedball area.

A few weapon modifications will be made to Warzone Season 5 today, but they will not go unnoticed.

Raven made minor tweaks to older patches and added new weapons.

Two new weapon unlock challenges for weapons are going to live as of August 13 according to patch notes. They include the MG 82 Light Machine Gun and the C58 Assault Rifle.

Additional news is available in the Call of Duty Warzone Season 5 Patch Notes:


  • The option was added to make Steady aim behavior a toggle, instead of a hold on Controller or KBM.

  • This accessibility feature helps motor disabilities by removing the requirement to press a button long enough to stabilize scoped weapons such as snipers.

    • There are two choices for the setting:

    • Notable: This setting can’t be used if Change Zoom Shared Input is set to Steady Aim.


Two muzzles allow the TEC-9 to alter its fire type, making it a very unique weapon. The TEC-9 can be used to enable aggressive hip-fire play when properly equipped.

  • Melee Cane, In-Season

    • The lethal walking stick. Fashion meets functionality. This cane, adorned with the head of a lion in sterling silver, is both easy to hold and deadly when it’s swung.

    • You can unlock the Challenge and Blueprint the store to get your Blueprint.

New Weapon Unlock Challenges (BOCW):

  • C58: Assault Rifle


  • BOCW AMP63

    • 20 Rs

    • STANAG 25 Rnd

    • 20 Rnd Speed Magazine

    • Salvo 23 Rnd. Fast Mag



  • Additional Information:

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