Your infrastructure will be key to Victoria 3’s success industrial age economy

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Now that grand strategy game Victoria 3 has been officially unveiled, Paradox’s developers have started posting periodic diary updates explaining how they’re approaching its systems design. This week, the developers shed some light on how infrastructure works, particularly as it relates to markets and trade.

It is the broadest term for everything that allows people or goods to move around a state. Infrastructure scores can be improved by roads, rivers, canals and other infrastructure features. However, certain buildings that you are able to build within these areas – most notably railways – will also improve the score. Another score is Infrastructure Usage. This is calculated according to how many people are using the territory’s transportation facilities.

The diary explains that the existing infrastructure in a state is compared against its infrastructure usage score to determine market access. Market access will be 100% if the state’s infrastructure is more than its infrastructure use. A perfect market access allows local markets to seamlessly integrate into the national marketplace, without any delays or disruptions.

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Publited Fri, 13 August 2021 at 20:28.54 +0000

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