A Quake remake is in the works with “additional contents”. Wolfenstein devs

Something called the ‘Quake: Revitalized Edition’ has been leaked, and will seemingly get a reveal at QuakeCon next week. It seems like it will be a Quake remake or remaster for the series’ 25th anniversary, and is being produced by Wolfenstein: The New Order developer Machine Games – which is also providing “additional content” for the game.

QuakeCon 2021 kicks off this Thursday, August 19, and the schedule for the event says that the event will kick off with a celebration of 25 years of Quake, which is hosted by id Software and – despite the continued absence of Wolfenstein 3 – Machine Games.

This seemed innocuous, except a now-deleted description of a later QuakeCon ‘Let’s talk Quake’ chat hosted by Digital Foundry (spotted and snapped by Xbox Era) starts with the confusing and exciting phrase “Quake is back” – along with the accidental reveal of a “revitalized edition” of presumably the first Quake, which it states Machine Games will be providing “additional content” for.

Since a long time, there have been many rumors pointing to a Quake-remaster. Back in June, industry insider Shpeshal Nick stated that it was coming and Machine Games was involved. A few days later, a mysterious id Software game with violence and online elements called ‘Project 2021B‘ popped up on the Australian ratings site.

Machine Games released an expansion free of charge for Quake 20th Anniversary. It was a fifth episode. This may become official very soon, depending on whether it is included in the forthcoming remake.

We can only speculate about the release date for Quake’s revitalized edition. The previous id Software project on the Australian Classification site, Project 2021A, turned out to be Doom 3: VR Edition – and that was released three months later. It’s possible that Bethesda will decide to discontinue it at QuakeCon. Next week will be the final test.

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