After deleting fake accounts, Twitter suspends verification Whoops!

Twitter might never be able to verify accounts.

Twitter announced on Friday it will stop accepting applications for account verification. This is a process that allows accounts of famous and other notable people to get a checkmark badge in their profile. While existing applications can still be checked, anyone who wants to verify their account on Twitter but hasn’t yet done so will need to wait until applications are approved again.

Although Twitter didn’t give any specific reasons, other than a call for improvement in the process, you can figure it out easily if your have been following this thread lately. Twitter verified a fake Cormac McCarthy account and several fraudulent bot accounts over the course of the last month. These incidents called into question Twitter’s application process that had just been relaunched in May of this year. (Even during the years-long verification pause though, some folks, like CEO Jack Dorsey’s mom and ’80s band Whitesnake, still got a blue check.)

Twitter had already briefly suspended its new verification process a week after launch due to a high volume of requests. That’s not to mention one of many reasons it had to be relaunched in the first place: Back in 2017, Twitter’s previous verification mechanism bestowed a badge upon a notable white supremacist.

It’s not an easy task for a feature intended to stop fake accounts being created by famous celebrities. Twitter is now more transparent than ever about who it approves, but it must also address the flood of fakers and manage it. While there may not be the perfect solution, it is important that one doesn’t allow people to impersonate Cormac McCarthy.

Publited Sat, 14 August 2021 at 18:11:03 +0000

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