American Idol’s Syesha Merado is resigned as the custodian of five newborns CPS takes away son months later

American Idol alumni Syesha Merado is stripped of custody of her newborn daughter after the CPS took him away.

  • Mercado took her daughter, 10 days old, from her when she met with officers of the Florida Sheriff Department on Wednesday August 11.
  • According to Miami Herald-Tribune, the newborn is still under state protection after an August 12 court hearing.
  • Mercado with her partner Tyron deneer captured the emotionally charged incident Wednesday between officers and themselves, and posted it on Instagram
  • The court ordered the couple to turn over their child during the exchange.
  • This comes as Mercado tries to regain custody over her 18-month old son, who was taken into foster care in January.

Syesha is currently fighting for custody of her two young children.

A former American Idol finalist who was trying to regain custody after her son, aged 18 months, was placed into foster care, took her baby girl away during an encounter on the road with Florida sheriff officers.

Mercado’s 10-day old daughter remains in state protection following an August 12 court hearing, according to the Miami Herald-Tribune.

The singer and her partner, Tyron Deneer, recorded much of Wednesday’s incident, where they were presented with a court order to hand over their child for a checkup at a hospital, and posted it on Instagram, writing: ‘THEY TOOK OUR BABY AGAIN!’

Family's legal battle: Syesha Mercado, 34, had her newborn daughter taken away by sheriff deputies in Florida on Wednesday during a traffic stop, five months after her 18-month old son, Amen'Ra (pictured), was placed in foster care

The legal struggle of a family: Syesha Merado (34), had her baby taken by Florida sheriff deputies on Wednesday, during a Florida traffic stop. This was five months after Amen’Ra, her 18-month-old son, was placed in foster home.

Mercado & Deener, a mother and daughter were traveling in Sarasota with their infant child when they were stopped by authorities. They demanded that the 10-day-old girl be surrendered.

In this Instagram video Deener is seen in the driver’s chair, and Mercado in the backseat together with their child.

The court ordered them to turn over the child to welfare for a checkup. Both the parents appealed to have the girl taken to the doctor.

Mercado asked deputies to not take her baby, explaining that she was being breastfed. The 34-year old was seen slowly walking her baby girl over to the deputies after she had pumped breast milk from the backseat in a car into a glass.

Heartbreaking: The American Idol alum sobbed and pleaded with authorities during the roadside stop to take custody of her daughter in Sarasota, Florida

It was heartbreaking. The American Idol alumni pleaded and sobbed with the authorities at the Sarasota road stop for custody of her daughter.

Mother's plea: This is my baby, my baby is just days old and you're taking my baby away from me,' the singer pleaded to sheriff department officers

Mother’s plea to the sheriff: “This is my baby. My baby is only days old, and you are taking my child away from me,” said the singer.

Family matters: The 34-year-old mother sobbed as she pleaded her case during the stop

Family Matters: A 34-year old mother sobbed during her stop

“How can you possibly do such a thing? Is it possible that you don’t feel any emotion? Mercado asked the authorities, clearly expressing raw emotion before starting to weep.

‘You guys, I’m human. You’re taking my baby from me, this is my baby. You are taking my baby from me. You don’t have hearts. She cried as she held her little girl in her arms, wrapped in a white and pink blanket.

“You don’t care… My baby is happy and healthy.”

During the video, deputies from the Sheriff’s Office explained to the camera that the baby was taken by the authorities because the couple failed to inform authorities about Mercado’s birth during her legal battle for custody.

Deener countered that they asked all their questions to go through their lawyer, but this did not occur. Deener also stated that their baby had been to a doctor for his health checks the day before and had all of the documentation.

Child custody: Mercado's partner, Tyron Deneer, also pleaded to authorities to not take their child as he filmed much of the incident with a camera phone

Tyron Deneer was Mercado’s partner and he also pleaded with authorities not to take their child. He filmed most of the event using a cell phone camera.

Mother's anguish: Eventually, Mercado handed over her baby girl, who was wrapped in a blanket, to authorities

Anguish of a mother: Eventually, Mercado gave her baby girl to the authorities, wrapped in a blanket.

Roadside: Sheriff department officers had a court order to take the newborn into custody because the couple had a pending case involving their 18-month-old son

Roadside: A court order was issued by the Sheriff Department to the officers in custody of the infant because the couple were involved in a case concerning their 18-month old son.

The short video is just over an hour long and has prompted anger from Mercado supporters who believe racism played a part in her case along with other injustices. Both Tyron Deener and Mercado are Black.

In February, the couple began legal disputes over their children. They took Amen’Ra (then one year old) to Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital St. Petersburg, Florida to obtain ‘extra fluids’ for him because he had difficulty transitioning from breastmilk to solid food.

The hospitalization was over, and the boy was released from their care to the Manatee Child Protective Services. Mercado claims that armed officers ‘forced me from my child’ following an accusation of neglect and abuse. __S.53__

In an Instagram posting, the singer said that they had taken her away from “my proudest creation in my life, pure joy and my sunhine.” __S.55__

Their plea: During the exchange the couple said their daughter had just gone for a health checkup the previous day and they had all the paperwork to prove it

The couple pleaded: They said that their daughter just had a checkup and had all of the documentation to support it.

Sad situation: The couple eventually walked back to their parked vehicle without incident

It was a sad situation. The couple managed to walk back to their car without any incident.

Dispute: In a statement to NBC News on Friday, the Manatee County Sheriff's Office revealed it had received information from a hospital's child abuse line that their boy was 'severely malnourished,' which Mercado disputes


The Manatee County Sheriff’s Office said Friday that it received information from the hospital’s Child Abuse Line about a boy who was’severely undernourished’. Mercado disagrees. __S.63__

CPS kidnapped ‘Amen’Ra from our home. They claimed that we had refused to take a B12 shot, and it was a matter if life or death. This is a complete lie. We did not refuse a B12 shot and he was never on the brink of death,” Mercado posted on a GoFundMe page she set up to pay legal fees.

On Saturday, August 14th, the GoFundMe account for ‘Bring Rae home’ had $327,874 of donations.

Mercado claims her children are the best examples of racial prejudice in Manatee County. Her son was placed with a white foster parent without her interviewing any qualified friends or relatives for placement.

Mercado was a contestant on American Idol season 7, 2008. He finished third to David Archuleta, the runner-up, and David Cook, the winner.

Foster care: The singer's young son was placed into foster care in March after receiving information from a hospital's child abuse line that a boy was 'severely malnourished'

Foster care: In March, the singer placed his young son in foster care after receiving information through a hospital’s Child Abuse Line that indicated that a boy had been’severely undernourished.

Asking for help: The singer started a GoFundMe account to help pay for legal costs to regain custody of their son; at last check on August 14 it has received $327,874 in donations

To ask for assistance, the singer created a GoFundMe page to pay legal fees to get custody of their son. As per its last check, August 14, it had received $327.874 in donations


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