Apple Watch: How to Set Multiple Timers

My Apple Watch timer has saved the day several times while I’m cheffing it up in the kitchen. It’s easy to put a dish into the oven and set the timer. Then I just turn it off until it vibrates.

If you cook more than one pot of food, then you will need multiple timers. This article will show you how to create multiple timers for your Apple Watch.

1. Make sure you have watchOS 8 downloaded to your Apple Watch 3 or newer.

With the most recent software update, you can now set multiple timers within the Apple Watch’s native app. WatchOS 8 is only currently available through the developer or public beta. This means that you must have iOS 15 beta installed on your iPhone. You can wait until the official release of watchOS 8, or iOS 15 if you prefer.

2. Go to the Timer App.

Stopwatch also has a button to stopwatch. Timer, however, is the other.
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To get to the home screen of your watch, press and hold on the Digital Crown. This will show you all apps. Although your screen might look different, the Timer app will usually be located right next to Stopwatch. Both apps look very similar so be sure to tap the correct one.

3. 3. Tap on the “Custom Timer”

Customize your timer.

The app will open with a menu of pre-set timers. You can also choose to create your own timer, which allows you to specify how long you would like the first timer you set up. Click that button to set the timer.

If it is useful for you, then name the timer with Siri. It’s much better to identify it than to have the timer set off without you having any idea what it is.

4. After you hit “Start”, go back to the beginning and then continue.

Start that timer baby.

You can repeat these steps as many times as you like. Once you have multiple running, all countdowns will appear in list format.

What the list of timers will look like if you don’t name them.

My Apple Watch prefers to be in quiet mode so that my timers can notify me by vibration when they are done. If you prefer a sound, make sure Silent Mode is off. A beeping sound will alert you when the timers have finished.

Set a timer to cook! Your laundry! The bathtub is where you can wash your laundry! It’s never been easier to coordinate household chores.

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