Brazilian Butt Lift Disaster: UK Cosmetic Surgeons Offer Insurance companies need a safety solution

The cost of curviness: Women are taking huge risks to get to get today’s perfect shape (Image: nc)

Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is a complicated procedure that involves removing fat from different parts of your body and injecting it into your buttocks. It has been praised by celebrities on Instagram, and the result is the fastest growing cosmetic improvement in the world.

The UK’s procedures are 50 percent less expensive than the ones offered at clinics overseas. __S.7__

However, these practices are subject to regulatory and evaluated for quality care. The safety of patients is stressed by doctors in comparison to similar operations performed in countries like Turkey and Thailand.

The British Association of Body Sculpting, a charity and professional body, says that the demand for BBL surgery is so great it gets scores of requests each week. __S.11__

However, the sector is now in crisis as the insurers that provide the medical coverage for the procedure (clinics’ indemnity) have pulled out. This was believed to be due to safety concerns and doctors are unable to do it.

Dr Lucy Glancey, president of BABS warned that this has created an unsafe vacuum and must be addressed.

Many women will do whatever it takes to have the procedure done. While some women make a living modeling for Instagram and are their sole source of income, others just desire a curvy body. Breast implants, however, is something now accepted by many.

I know of many people who have traveled to other countries and accomplished this feat. If this is not resolved, there will be more.

Because of the anatomy of the stomach muscles, injecting fat here poses more risk. Fat blocking of the lungs has been a problem in America, leading to a lot of deaths.

Dr Glancey says, “But we recommend our members to only insert fat under the skin.” We have created safety protocols and risk assessment tools for our members, which are based on careful positioning and other precautions.

Botched: Rogue filler insertions can cause permanent damage (Image: nc)

She adds that patients who have had an operation overseas and are now returning to the UK for treatment in a NHS emergency department, is a trend that has increased even during lockdown.

A seroma is a buildup of fluids or blood in the buttocks from errant operations.

Other patients received non-regulated fillers that were similar to industrial grade silicon. It causes coloration, which is difficult to get rid of.

BABS calls for an overhaul of these guidelines, and asks for the participation of medical insurance companies and groups to create safety protocols that will allow operations in the UK to resume.

Gemma Gilchrist, a glamour model and actress, chose the UK for the operation.

My looks are a major factor in my income. She says that these days, it’s all about the bum and not your boobs.

“I was the last person to get the lift here. The results of the lift were so striking that I considered going abroad.

But then, many girls shared their stories of horror from the surgery. Models don’t like to share their troubles so it’s not on the public radar. While we all attempt to warn each other, some people don’t listen .”

Patients in the UK have shared their experiences about silicone injections that Dr Glancey warned them about. They are called “black market filler”. This is a condition that causes severe discomfort and prevents people from sunbathing or from enduring heat.

The removal involves removing the flesh. This can be costly and leave you with terrible scarring.

A non-regulated filler was given to patients that is similar to the industrial grade silicone. It can cause discoloration that is difficult to get rid of.

Lucy Glancey, president of BABS

Rogue filler cowboys, who are now a thriving phenomenon in the UK, operate pop-up clinics throughout the well-off areas of the Home Counties, and North West.

According to several women, “They rent a room in a basement, advertise and promise transformation. Then they disappear within a couple of weeks.”

Dr Glancey says, “We must protect the NHS and people.” A solution that benefits everyone practicing in the UK is possible if insurers collaborate with us. Our door is open.”

BABS, a registered charity, provides details of surgeons with verified qualifications and aims to educate the public about body contouring procedures, healthy lifestyles and disperse myths that liposuction surgery is a quick fix and a weight loss solution.

Gemma’s name was changed

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