Brian May: Freddie’s last beautiful blessing. Why Bohemian Rhapsody critics have it wrong

Queen performing Bohemian Rhapsody in Live Aid 1985

Brian currently rallies his “Bri” army of supporters to support the reissue of his 1992 solo debut album, Back To The Light. The fiftieth year of Queen’s founding is also this year. In a fresh interview, Brian talked about the importance of the band being a family and the difficult split with his father. Brian spoke about how Freddie granted him his blessing during their last conversations, and the “immense grief” of their loss.SCROLL DOWN FOR THE COMPLETE INTERVIEW

Freddie was ill for most of 1988 and 1989. However, he continued to record, continuing with Innuendo. Brian was also working on new material at that point, such as Driven by You.

Planet Rock was told by Brian: “I remember driving with Driven By You back then, so I gave that to Freddie. He liked the song so I asked him if he wanted to do it. He said that Brian was singing great. Aside from that, I see where you are going. You shouldn’t be embarrassed because I won’t be here as long. This is the best place to begin to organize your solo career.

I kinda got Freddie’s blessing to put out Back To The Light solo. It was nice, because it gave me a platform to go out and perform my songs once Freddie went.”

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Brian May and Freddie Mercury (Image: GETTY)

Brian May and Freddie Mercury on stage in 1979 (Image: GETTY)

Freddie died on November 24, 1991. Brian shares his thoughts about the effect it had on him and Roger Taylor. John Deacon would not be able to return fully to the group and he retired from it in 1997.

Brian stated, “It was horrible. It was horrible. I just wanted to go. Roger will tell you exactly the same thing, I believe. It was too much for us to bear. We had to ignore Queen and move on.

Queen was our entire lives. It was our family. There was much going on as you can see in Bohemian Rhapsody, but it is the core truth – that we were one family.

Critics criticized the film for not following timelines. It also showed Freddie leaving his bandmates to pursue his solo career.

Roger and Brian previously stated that they were creative licenses for fitting years of history into one film. However, Roger emphasizes the strong bonds among the four of them in this interview.

He stated that “We all went off to do our own things, because families do that.” The movie’s theme is Freddie doing this, but the end is that he must come back, because he needs to return to his family.

“So, when Freddie returned to us, it had been very warmly, with a huge amount of energy and with a tremendous amount of enthusiasm, which is something you can actually see in a movie, so there was a lot truth.”

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Brian May discusses the family bonds in Queen (Image: GETTY)

Brian draws another powerful parallel to what was going on in his life with his family. “It’s kind of like my dad and me – you go off thinking you are strong enough, but your family is essential.”

Brian shared that the star’s dad was very unhappy at his decision to leave school in order to follow a career with the band.

He stated that it was extremely serious. It was so hard for him to accept the idea that he would be throwing his education away to become a pop star. It was hard for him to swallow. “Brian, my whole life was sacrificed to give you the right education, so that you can get a job.” He saw me as a scientist. It was very difficult, and very frustrating, for him to not speak with me for 18 months. My mum suffered a nervous breakdown. She was trying to please us both, it broke her heart to see that that had been going on. This was serious.

Freddie Mercury timeline (Image: GETTY)

Brian offered his family to see Queen at Madison Square Gardens, New York. This healed the family feud.

Brian stated that his dad came up and shook me hand after the show. He said “OK, it’s okay, now.” It was a big moment in my life – you need their approval.

The parental disapproval can motivate you, it certainly did for me. Because of my father’s disapproval, I became very determined. It was an amazing thing that my dad came to me and granted me his blessing.

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