Britney sings out in an Instagram post that is cryptic and breaks the silence Dad steps down as conservator

So, Mr Spears will contest the unjustified Petition to his Removal. However, he intends to cooperate with the Court as well as his new lawyer to ensure a smooth transition to a conservator.

Following the push by her father to remove her as conservator, the document continues with: “Regardless his formal title Mr Spears will forever be Ms Spears’ father. He will always love and support her unconditionally. And he will always look after her best interests.”

So, even though Mr. Spears must challenge this unjustified Petition to his removal, Mr. Spears plans to collaborate with the Court’s new attorney and his daughter to ensure a smooth transition to a conservator.

Jamie has been trying to remove Jamie from her conservatorship for many years. He was recently called “abusive” by her.

Britney is currently under legal conservatorship after her public struggles.

Britney declared that the conservatorship had controlled all aspects of her life including birth control and medication. She also claimed she was able to get married. Britney even chose what color her kitchen cabinets could be.

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