E10 Fuel Warning: The new petrol may ‘damage’ your vehicles ‘reduce performance’

As the UK pushes for greater net-zero emission, the new E10 fuel will soon be available on UK forecourts in a matter weeks. This is the largest change in forecourts since four-star petrol was banned 20 years ago.

Express.co.uk spoke to him and he stated that E10 will be the new standard for UK petrol this summer. __S.4__

“The new standard will contain 10 percent bioethanol, up from five percent of the old E5 grade, and although it will make little to no difference for many motorists, it’s something to consider if you drive an older vehicle.

While E10 gasoline in an incompatible petrol car will not cause any immediate damage, continued usage could result in engine internal damages. “

According to the RAC, around 150,000 Brits use incorrect fuel every year.


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It is best to avoid starting the engine if you have misfuelled.

To flush out the fuel from the vehicle, motorists can contact fuel drainage specialists.

While most car insurance companies cover misfuelling coverage, it’s important that motorists review their plans, particularly with all the confusion surrounding E10 fuel.

Cooper said, “E10 gasoline is now on sale in many European countries – it has been for many years. Many manufacturers have made sure their cars work with E10.

Older cars may need to be re-fueled with super-unleaded. This blend retains five percent of the bioethanol mixture.

It is usually around 10p/litre less expensive.

This could increase the fuel bill by hundreds of pounds over the course of a year.

While the new E10 fuel should work with approximately 95 percent of registered cars in the UK it will not be compatible with nearly one million other vehicles.

The classic car sector will be also affected by this because many supercars of old don’t have the engines to support the new fuel.

Some older cars and scooters, including campervans, may not be able to use the new fuel.

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