Encryption is available for Facebook Messenger and Instagram DMs But only if they opt in

Facebook has done a lot to help those who use its Messenger platform, as video calling is becoming a significant part of people’s lives in the midst of a long-running pandemic. However, it is only a small amount.

Facebook has announced that voice and video calls in Messenger will now be encrypted at the end of every call. This is effective immediately. Encryption is a method of protecting messages so that only the sender can see them. One caveat. You must select in order to activate encryption. This means that your calls could be exposed to data hiccups, unless you choose to opt into this feature.

This is the exact same strategy Facebook uses with Messenger text chats. They label them “Secret Conversations” in the app, making activation difficult and confusing. Messenger chats that don’t enable encryption are likely to be less secure than they should be. This will also be true for voice and video calls.

Encrypted conversations now have more sophisticated disappearing messages options. Messenger users can now set messages to go away for some time, however, instead of having to wait 24 hours or one hour, they will have the option to let messages vanish in a matter of seconds to 24 hours.

Facebook stated that the company would also test group calls using the same technology in the near future. Encryption on individual DM conversations within the Instagram app is also listed in the “coming soon” column. It will be available in limited test for adult users in certain countries. Yes, opt-in is possible. To turn it on both parties must follow one another, the same policy as Messenger.

Even though it takes some digging to activate, this is an important and needed upgrade to Messenger calls. Facebook claims that there are over 150 million such calls per day. Therefore, any additional protection can be a good idea. This is a shame because many people may not know that they have the ability to take advantage.

Publited Sat, 14 August 2021 at 22:02:32 +0000

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