Google Chrome browser receives a big Windows update, not Chromecast


Google Chrome browser receives a big Windows update, not Chromecast

Google Chrome continues to expand its services in different ways, with the browser still the biggest part of the existing ecosystem. This is without minimizing the importance of Chromecast support for Google. New gaming and viewing features are being regularly announced.

Chrome was not the only one to receive the latest major upgrade. Microsoft confirmed that Chrome’s most beloved features are now fully compatible with the Google Browser.

In 2021 it was confirmed that anyone with a Chrome Browser can stream Xbox Video Games directly from their Chrome Browser. The Windows 10 app also offers this option, but it is still in beta.

Xbox Cloud Game removes the requirement to have specific graphics cards or sufficient RAM in order to play your favorite games. It is an extension of the service already available on Windows computers. However, it does require hardware and software downloads.

It isn’t free and only a limited selection of games will be available.

It’s good to know that this digital library is massive and contains all of Microsoft’s exclusives (e.g. Halo Infinite or Forza Horizon).

All of this is part of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. This allows Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers to stream titles from their phones or web browsers to the consoles.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is the most expensive package and will give you access to the best features.

The downside to this is that you’ll need to have a compatible controller for your computer to be able to play these titles. However, there are compatible titles that can also be played through the mobile application.

Microsoft has added the following message: “Xbox Cloud Gaming now available for all Xbox Game Pass Ultimate users with Windows 10 PCs, Apple phones, and tablets. It is accessible via browser from 22 countries. To play hundreds of Xbox Game Pass games, you can either become a member by signing up or becoming a member.

We want to give you the best gaming experience possible with billions of Windows 10 and iOS phones and Android devices.

Simply put: We’re making the Xbox experience available to all devices.

While you may not be able to play every Xbox game you want, Microsoft made some interesting improvements behind-the scenes.

The Xbox Series X has quickly become the standard in tech giants’ computing power. They have now made it the standard in streaming.

Xbox Cloud Gaming now uses custom Xbox Series X hardware from Microsoft datacenters all over the world.

It means quicker load times and better frame rates. However, the Xbox Series X console can also provide 4K resolution. This is not yet available in Google Chrome browser.

Microsoft streams at 1080p, up to 60fps and ensures the lowest latency. However, these numbers could rise in the future.

The number of compatible devices with Xbox Cloud Streaming may change, and the next logical step is to add a native experience for Chromecast.

According to recent reports, the Xbox Game Pass app will soon be available on Android TVs. There are also those who sideload since 2020.

However, we may have to wait until we receive official compatibility across all Google phones.

Publited Sat, 14 August 2021 at 13:15:00 +0000


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