Hugo Weaving returns to TV in new romance drama series Love Me

Hugo Weaving will make his much-awaited TV return in the new Australian drama Love Me. Filming begins in Melbourne

His acting career began in 1981 with…Maybe This Time, before he was offered a role on the hit television series Bodyline.

Hugo Weaving will be making a comeback to Australian TV screens 40 years later.

Actor, 61 years old, has been offered a part in the new Australian drama Love Me. It will air on Foxtel and Binge.

It’s his return! Hugo Weaving (pictured), will return to TV in a new Australian drama series, Love Me

Emma Freeman will direct the six-part series, and Alison Bell, lead writer, alongside Leon Ford, Adele Vuko, and Blake Ayshford, will write.

The show’s production is currently underway in Melbourne, Victoria.

The series will feature Tonya Novakovic’s Bojana, Bob Morley from The 100 and Heather Mitchell of The Unusual Suspects.

Coming soon: Production on the show is now underway in Melbourne and regional Victoria

Soon: The production of the series is underway in Melbourne, regional Victoria.

Love Me was based upon the acclaimed Swedish series ALSKA MIGA, created by Josephine Bornebusch.

This story is about “modern love” experienced by three different families at three different times in their lives.

Alison Hurbert Burns, executive director of Binge said that she was thrilled to see cameras begin rolling in Melbourne for this well-scripted drama. We are continuing our mission to bring Australians the best entertainment around the globe with Love Me.

Story: The series is about 'modern love experienced by different family members at three distinct times of life'

Story: This series is about modern love between three different families at three different times in life.

Hugo was a Hollywood star after starring in The Lord Of The Rings The Fellowship Of The Ring 2001, where he played the role of Elrond.

The film’s second and third films were made by him.

He made his first appearance as Agent Smith in Matrix Reloaded, and continued to play the part in The Matrix Revolutions.

Hugo also appears in several Transformers movies, including Captain America: The First Avenger and Happy Feet Two.

His career: Hugo was a Hollywood star after his role in The Lord Of The Rings The Fellowship Of The Ring 2001, in which he played the part of Elrond. He made his acting debut in Matrix Reloaded as Agent Smith.


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