IHG CEO Softens Position on Brand Bloat, and 8 Other Top Travel Companies
These Stories Are This Week

IHG CEO Softens Position on Brand Bloat, and 8 Other Top Travel Companies These Stories Are This Week

IHG CEO Softens Position on Brand Bloat, and 8 Other Top Travel Companies
These Stories Are This Week

We will be posting new stories every night of the week, covering travel news and trends. We will give you the chance to see all of our most important stories every weekend, in case they were missed earlier.

IHG Launches Yet Another Luxury Hotel Brand: Should Accor Be Worried?The industry’s new frontier for growth is luxury and lifestyle hotels. IHG has seen rapid growth with its new brands in the luxury and lifestyle hotel sector over the past few years. This is because IHG doesn’t only cede high-end clients to Hilton, Marriott, and Accor.

Global Consulting Firms Expect to Save Nearly $1 Billion by Reducing Corp Travel Costs in 2022This is clear evidence that 2019 cannot be reverted to the levels of budgets for companies and travel policies.

Norwegian Cruise Line Gets Court Approval to Request Vaccine Proof for Florida Departures: This is a huge win, coming a week ahead of Norwegian Cruise Line’s restarting operations from Miami. The Delta variant continues its frenzied existence in Florida.

Hotel CEOs Avoid Facing Reality about the Delta Variant:Major hotels don’t wish to upset any investors at a moment when profitability is returning and labor still remains vulnerable. It’s best to be open and ready about the future with the new viruses and develop a recovery plan.

Oyo Makes a Step towards Initial Public OfferingOyo is certain to try and go public. Will investors purchase the share and the story?

Future Hotels Are More Than Just Places To Sleep, says Accor CEOAccor can make itself more lifestyle-oriented, and every competitor is doing this to some extent. It is not easy to find a way that makes you stand out.

6 Expedia and Booking Online Travel Takeaways From Latest Financial Reports:Although digital nomads are the focus of much discussion these days, Expedia Group has doubled its commitment to building brick-and-mortar headquarters. This could indicate that real offices may return after the pandemic.

Fiji Tourism CEO Gearing Up to Bring Island Nation out of Covid Shadow by December:Fiji Islands is now seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. The vaccinations have put remote islands back on track to resuming tourism in December. A new leader has been appointed.

British Airways Parent IAG Grew Its Travel Startup Accelerator Despite Crisis:It is possible that you would have expected International Airlines Group to suspend its accelerator due to the pandemic. Dupsy Abiola (IAG’s chief of innovation) says that the program has gained momentum.

Photo credit: A IHG property. With the new launch of its soft brand, the hotel chain has expanded into luxury segments. IHG

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