iPhone could experience some dramatic improvements Android revealed


iPhone could experience some dramatic improvements
Android revealed

Phones have advanced a lot over the past twenty years. The Nokias and Motorolas from 2001 now look very outdated, but we’d be shocked at how many features and capabilities are in our phones today.

New research shows what the future could look like in 20 years. Buymobiles, a phone reseller has drawn illustrations of what the smartphone of the future might look like.

To find out what specs and features brands such as Apple, Samsung, and Google are working on for the future models of their products and services, Buymobiles reviewed details from these companies. The company also looked at Google search trends for the last two years, as well as recent articles about future features.

You won’t be surprised by some of the findings. Folding screens are already on sale in the Galaxy Fold series. However, Buymobiles believes flexible and bendable screens will be a big hit as manufacturers find cheaper ways to produce the technology. They could wrap around your wrist for the ultimate wearable.

The popularity of self-healing screens is also expected to increase. This will be a great benefit for anyone who drops their phones. These polymer screens could fix scratches and cracks like magic in the future. These screens could even be holographic and project 3D images from the screen.

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Sustainability will become a more prominent focus. Brands will vie to create the most environmentally-friendly phone possible. It could be that phones are more durable, use less precious materials and include recycled material.

Jess Canning is a Mobile Phone Expert from Buymobiles. She said about the research, “It’s so fascinating to try and predict, given that the mobile industry is fast-paced, changing, and constantly evolving.”

“With our mockup being based on comprehensive research on all the features that brands are looking to use, we are confident our designs won’t be too far away from future smartphones.

She said that some of the ideas are on their way to implementation, including no charging ports, which is something manufacturers have wanted for a while, so it’s not surprising to see them in phones.

“However, it may be a little more time before we see holographic displays and self-healing screens, as those are perhaps some of the more advanced features within the research.”

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