It is important that you give yourself a few moments to relax. Relaxation?

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Sleep is vital for health and happiness. However, many have experienced an increase in anxiety, stress, and insomnia due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Reyes Haro Valencia is the president-emeritus of the Mexican Sleep Society. The Survey of the 2021 Wellness Diagnosis of Willis Towers Watson reveals that 64% of Mexican employers believe that the Pandemic will negatively impact the productivity of their workers and 80% that it will affect their well-being. Stress being the biggest problem facing Mexican workers.

Tila rises is a personal wellness app that helps you manage stress at work as well as in your personal life. It will give you a roadmap to help you rest and relax better.

Christian Rojas founded this app with over 300 meditations that can be programmed or guided. You will then learn how to meditate anywhere you are. You will also find Binaural sounds, which are two tones that sound slightly different but have the goal of relaxing and stress reduction.

It also has something else: it contains original story content, narrated and narrated in narrative format by Edgar Vivar. This will transport you into a place of peace, calm and reflection, and will assist you with reducing stress and anxiety, and restoring sleep.

International day of relaxation

One of the greatest secrets for maintaining a well-being lifestyle is relaxation. The International Day of Relaxation is Sunday August 15. This date is meant to bring awareness and promote relaxation and help people cope with anxiety and stress.

Tila is invited to this event. Tila is reminded that relaxation is more than just a leisure activity. It is essential for the mind and body.

It is important to consider relaxation as our natural state. This helps maintain a healthy metabolism, regulate heartbeat, and respiration, and relieves psychological and muscular tensions.

Meditation and mindfulness are like exercises. Consistent practice helps you to develop a skill. In this instance, it is staying in the moment and trying to bring your thoughts and head to the right place. It helps us to learn how to disengage for a while, and to identify thoughts or situations that could cause concern.

What relaxation techniques can we use to help ourselves?

  • Eliminate muscle tension
  • Encourages fatigue recovery
  • It helps us rest
  • Restful Sleep
  • Reduces fatigue, stress and insomnia
  • Blood pressure can be lowered
  • Feels good and well-balanced
  • Helps improve self-esteem
  • Reducing emotional stress
  • This encourages you to get rid of negative thoughts that keep coming back.

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Many techniques and exercises can be used to promote relaxation. Experts recommend that we start with some simple daily practices such as meditations, breathing exercises and listening to peaceful sounds. This will make us feel more relaxed, which will eventually lead to a new habit of returning our thoughts to the calm places it once was. It is also recommended to allow ourselves some rest and recreation, and not all responsibilities.

Tila is different than other apps in the marketplace. Christian Rojas is the founder of Tila. He says it operates under a freemium subscription model that costs only 75 pesos a month and 699 pesos a year. Additionally, Mexicans recorded the sounds of nature such as rain and forest.

Tila has 50,000 downloads to date. You can download it for Android or IOS. It also has no cost content, so that you can get started testing it.

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