PowerSlave Exhumed Revives the FPS cult favorite ’90s PowerSlave

PowerSlave Exhumed Revives the FPS cult favorite '90s PowerSlave

PowerSlave Exhumed, a port of the mid-’90s classic first-person shooter is coming soon.

Nightdive Studios is responsible for the Doom 64, Shadow Man, and System Shock remakes. Below is the trailer:

PowerSlave was first published on Sega Saturn in 1996. It featured a unique combination of puzzle-solving, traps and first-person platforming. This game was a precursor for the Metroid Prime and Nintendo’s Metroid Prime.

Digital Foundry’s John Linneman is a big fan – he wrote about the “console FPS ahead of its time” back in 2018, and made the video all about it, below:

This video covers the entire DF Retro game and its versions. We also show you PowerSlave EX on the PC, which is a port to the console version.

Nightdive stated that this latest version of PowerSlave combines both the Saturn- and PSone versions Lobotomy Software’s shooter. This was previously known as Exhumed Europe.

This is the official description of this port:

“Destination”: The ancient Egyptian city Karnak. The once flourishing community has been shut off from the outside world by alien forces with horrifying power. You have received covert operations training to be able to handle all types of contingencies. You can’t prepare for what lies ahead …”

The new features include high definition widescreen / HD displays, gamepad support for modern games, SMAA antialiasing, anisotropic text filtering, and achievements. Nightdive stated that PowerSlave Exhumed was “both versions” of the original game, bringing the best of each.

Platforms are unannounced, although we know PowerSlave Exhumed is coming to PC (there’s a GOG page). No release date has been set.

Publited Sat, 14 August 2021 at 21:22.01 +0000

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