Pre-order an illustrated version of “The” Lord of the Rings

Save 28% on Pre-Order an Illustrated Edition of The Lord of the Rings at Amazon Before Oct. 14

We don’t need to tell you how awesome The Lord of the Rings series of books is, because at this point everyone knows it’s absolutely epic. What you might not know is that the series is getting a serious boost later in the year.

The UK will release a new illustrated hardcover edition of The Lord of the Rings on October 14. Original edition had only two Tolkien illustrations. This new version includes 30 drawings, illustrations and maps.

Before the October release, there are two options. Both versions are available on Amazon.

Standard illustrated editions feature a beautiful white cover with over 1000 pages bound in hardcover. Quarter-bound in red leather and cloth, the special edition has raised spine ribs and is stamped with two foils. Even the edges of the pages have been trimmed in gold.

These illustrated editions are available at the lowest pre-order prices on Amazon.

Pre-order an illustrated edition of 'The Lord of the Rings'

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