Reddit now wants to TikTok!

TikTok is the new social media craze. People are spending hours scrolling through endless feeds of videos and losing their attention. Reddit has joined the trend.

Reddit, best known as an online bulletin board that’s as close to old-timey internet forums as you’ll find these days, added a new video feed button directly to the right of its search bar in the iOS mobile app. This is still in the process of gradually rolling out to all iOS users, per TechCrunch, but should be available to most of them by now. To verify, I first downloaded Reddit’s app.

Credit: photo by reddit

Clicking that button will bring you to a rolling feed with videos directly uploaded to the site. It’s very TikTokesque. This means that a YouTube link posted in a subreddit won’t be shown here. However, someone uploading a direct video from their computer or one ripped from another site might. While browsing Reddit’s video feed, I noticed TikToks’ signature watermark as well as everything. Reddit allows you to do the usual interactions such as commenting, upvote and downvote. While you watch these videos, scroll down to view more subreddits and ones Reddit considers similar.

Video delivery algorithms are based on subreddits. Mine gave me videos that fell within the orbit of all the cat-related and video games I subscribe to. It showed me a video by r/Dogs that I was following in the orbit. It was close, but not quite. Similar to the Minecraft video I received, it was despite me only following r/Rainbow6 which is a game clearly not Minecraft. Reddit may not be able to match TikToks’ algorithm for some time.

Reddit’s Android application doesn’t appear to have the feature yet. Or at least, it didn’t work on my particular Android phone. Mashable was told by a Reddit spokesperson that the feature is still in an experimental stage. However, they did not provide any further details.

Although this is a minor development, it makes Reddit’s iOS application much more accessible than ever before. You can browse Reddit’s iOS apps in exactly the same manner as before and not have to use the video feed button. Reddit hasn’t been associated with trend-chasing like other social media networks. However, recent innovations such as voice chatting suggest that this could be changing. Reddit has so many content options that it’s possible to find something you won’t find at TikTok.

Reddit users who appreciate its old-school simplicity compared with sites like Facebook or Twitter may be disappointed by this announcement. However, if the aim is to get people to continue to use the app, then it might work. Remember to take a break from the computer and eat.

Publited Sat, 14 August 2021 at 22:02:31 +0000

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