Samsung has just resolved the most annoying issues with Android phones


Samsung has just resolved the most annoying issues with Android

Samsung has just announced its all-new range of bendable smartphones and one of these devices has a very neat trick up its sleeve that finally solves an annoying issue with all Android smartphones. The new Galaxy Z Fold 3 is not only the first bendy device to get a full IPX 8 water resistance rating but it also features a screen that now hides the selfie camera.

Since smartphone makers ditched bezels in favor of an all-screen design, it’s been difficult to find a discreet place to put the selfie camera.

Manufacturers have tried many different designs since the release of the bezel-free smartphone. These include pop-up mechanism, notches and flip-up cameras.

Samsung launched several desktop patterns that attempted to hide the camera’s in-screen location and disguise it. Even though front cameras are smaller, they can still be annoying. This is especially true when you’re trying to stream Netflix or watch an evening on it.

Samsung solved this issue by making the selfie-snapper disappear behind its foldable Infinity Flex display, 7.6 inches. Samsung claims that its Galaxy Z Fold3 has minimal pixels on the top of the camera hole. This allows users to see more and create a wider canvas for all their favorite apps.

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It’s called a CUP (Camera Under Panel) design by the company. This means that there are no holes or notches interrupting your smartphone screen. Because it is located beneath the screen, the camera makes the device virtually invisible to the eyes.

This feat required a lot of tech in order to ensure high quality images even at 400ppi. Xiaomi developed a novel material and special algorithms that allow the camera to pick up colour, light and detail.

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