Skyrim modders believe Nexus’ new policies represent a direct threat to their game. Attack on their content freedom

Skyrim modders have recently started to feel that Nexus is practically taking away their freedom to make quality content for gamers.

Nexus is a forum where people upload mods for several games. Mods are posted for Skyrim, Fallout and Monster Hunter to make the game more interesting.

Modding has the fun part that anyone can upload anything, provided there are no violations of terms and conditions (e.g. cheats).

Nexus mods are a great way to share your creations with the world. However, it seems that Nexus mods’ current policies may be limiting the freedom players have had up to now.

Skyrim modders unhappy with Nexus mods’ new policy; feel it goes against ethics

Nexus does not pay a salary. Modders don’t have a salary. They are paid primarily by donations from players. Modders are driven by a love for mods and a desire to help the community.

Nexus has recently changed its terms so that modders can no longer delete uploaded files. It was done to protect saved files from being damaged by modders.

Sometimes, one mod depends on the other to work. If one mod is not available, crashes can occur and files could be altered. Modders will usually mention these aspects in their web pages.

Most modders don’t delete their mods, unless the mod isn’t up to standard or they are bored.

Now mods can be added to collections and authors have the option of hiding them or deleting them. If an author doesn’t want to keep updating the mod, then an older version of the mod will be preserved forever.

Skyrim is a game heavily dependent on modders to ensure its success. It is a titan in the world of RPG games, and modders make it even more special.

Skyrim is alive and well for many years due to modders who decided that it should remain this way, even though Bethesda released multiple versions. The Nexus policy, which is basically an attempt to limit modders’ freedoms since they don’t earn anything, has been implemented.

The game may suffer if mod uploading and deleting rights are removed. This is an important issue because it seems that many Skyrim modders have already deleted their mods prior to the new effect taking place.

Mods won’t be available to new players, which will impact the overall community.

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