Spain: Magaluf Police warn British tourist Of ‘tough actions’

Many Britons were dreaming of a holiday in Spain throughout the best part of the last 18 months, and now that international borders have reopened, the dream can finally come true.

For one British tourist, however, the dream soon turned into a nightmare.

He was kicked out of his hotel after he trashed the room, and also argued with other guests.

Police in Magaluf have launched a major “cleanup” and will take tough action to bring the resort back on its feet.

Calvia Council has created new rules to control Magaluf’s image as a drunken resort and remove its negative reputation.

It is illegal to sell alcohol at night, drink on the streets or offer alcohol to others.

Also, party boats were banned.

Balearic Government has also limited the number of all-inclusive hotel rooms.


Magaluf’s new rules made a significant difference, although it is not clear how.

The resort has seen scenes of chaos return, including one tourist surfing from the top of a taxi.

Magaluf’s drunken chaos is well-known and continues to be a problem despite all the efforts by the police and council.

Over the summer holiday season, there will be increased police presence on beaches.

100 pickpockets have been arrested so far.

A British tourist was arrested for trashing a hotel room in London at the start of August. However, no other details were revealed.

Additional reporting from Rita Sobot

Publited Sat, 14 August 2021 at 15:22.08 +0000

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