Ten of the best Netflix thriller films to increase intensity Your life.

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It’s almost like we’re living in the End Times (ask any Twitter user), and now is the perfect time to challenge your entertainment habits. The adventurous will be able to crank up the intensity with heart-wrenching thrillers from the very best. (No, not the best horror movies — that’s a different list). This list includes everything from psychological terror to dystopian nightmares. You don’t have to watch them all (or we won’t tell you).

These are the 10 top thrillers available on Netflix.

1. __S.8__

Jesse (Aaron Paul), is up for the challenge in El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie. “El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie”
Credit: Ben Rothstein / Netflix

Dear Breaking Bad Fans, have you yet watched the series’ triumph lap? Coming right after the events of the finale, El Camino has Jesse (Aaron Paul) setting out on the run from both the law and his troubled history. Although it may not be necessary, this epilogue is still a fascinating entry to the Breaking Baduniverse.

You can watch El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie on Netflix.

2. __S.21__

Martin Scorsese adapts Dennis Lehane’s novel for this film in 2010. Leonardo DiCaprio plays Teddy Daniels, a U.S. The Marshal visits the island, which is home to patients who require special psychiatric treatment. While Teddy (Mark Ruffalo), and Chuck (Mark Ruffalo), investigate the disappearance of a patient, they become suspicious about a deeper, sinister reality on the island. Scorsese juxtaposes it against the dark and threatening aesthetics of thunderstorms, which creates tension throughout the film while leading to an explosive reveal.

Shutter Island streaming on Netflix: How to Watch

3. __S.29__

This neo-noir thriller stars Jake Gyllenhaal as Lou. He records Los Angeles’ violence at night and sells his footage to a local station. What is his willingness to do for an engaging story? Nightcrawler is an eerie, sleek story that Gyllenhaal and his effortless charisma carry almost exclusively.

Bird Box
Credit: Saeed Adyani/Netflix

bird box features Sandra Bullock, who plays a survivor in an after-apocalyptic society ruled by strange entities that can cause death when they are seen. Even though the audience, like the survivors, never actually sees the monsters that whittle away at the fantastic cast (Trevonte Rhodes, Sarah Paulson, and John Malkovich, oh my! Their presence is a major factor in the movie’s horror-tinged twists and thrills.

Bird Box streaming on Netflix: How to Watch

Madeline Brewer plays Alice, a webcam model who works hard to support her blossoming career. Alice starts to worry about her safety when an unknown doppelganger begins to broadcast without Alice. Cam is intensely emotional and incredibly feminist. It’s the ideal film if you are looking for something more horror-like.

What to Watch: Cam streaming on Netflix

6. __S.47__

Rene Russo & Jake Gyllenhaal, Dan Gilroy’s “Velvet Buzzsaw.” ”
Credit to Claudette Bair / Netflix

Velvet Buzzsaw is a comedy thriller that stars Nightcrawler’s writer-director Dan Gilroy. It has a touch of horror but it is a highly underrated comedy. Rene Russo stars with Jake Gyllenhaal. Toni Collette and John Malkovich also star in this satirical look at the crowded Los Angeles art scene. It’s funny, tense and packed full of visuals. You will see Gyllenhaal as an art critic who believes museum installations are coming alive. Billy Magnussen plays a gallery worker who is attacked by oil-on-canvas monkeys. It’s fun.

You can watch Velvet Buzzsaw on Netflix.

Adam Sandler gave up comedy to take on Howard Ratner, New York City’s jeweler in 2019’s Uncut Gems. Howard is stuck with unpaid debts and sets out to find a rare, black opal to make up the difference. The journey, which is both stressful and fascinating, exposes a more serious side to Sandler.

Uncut Gems streaming on Netflix.

8. __S.64__

Rosamund Pike, Dianne Wiest and IEiza Gonzalez in J. Blakeson’s “I Care A Lot.” ”

J. Blakeson’s film about a legal guardian (Rosamund Pike) who targets the elderly for profit isn’t a flawless movie — but it is a helluva ride. Marla (Pike), who finds the right mark for sending to a nursing home and dissolving her assets is not able to resist her new crime boss, Peter Dinklage. Pike is as impressive as Marla’s lethal look, and Dinklage seems to enjoy a part that is both dangerously funny and hilarious. The tension builds as they square off with Marc Canham scoring 100. This is a must-have list if you enjoy the journey, regardless of where it takes you.

You can watch I Care A Lot on Netflix.

9. __S.78__

From the geniuses behind Uncut Gems, Good Time is a panic-inducing nightmare movie that refuses to let up for any moment of its 101-minute runtime. Robert Pattinson plays Connie, who is a criminal that will do whatever it takes to save his brother Benny Safdie (co-director) from a New York City prison. This character study is both heartbreaking and jaw-dropping.

What to Watch: Good Time streaming on Netflix.

10. __S.84__

Based loosely on “L’Accordeur”, Andhadhun stars Ayushmann Khurrana playing Aakash, a blind pianist. It begins with a love story between Aakash (Radhika Apte), but the plot takes many twists and turns before a disappointing end. But it is well worth it. Andhadhun is a plot that will have you at the edge of your chair, and it never leads where you expected.

What to Watch: Andhadhun streaming on Netflix

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