The best places to stay and view the upcoming meteor show All over the UK

This spectacular cosmic show happens between mid-July until the end of August where bits of comet are left behind as large chunks of ice and dust race around the Sun. For those who didn’t see the famous display, experts say the best time to watch a meteor shower is during the later months of the year.

Moving away from large cities, which are more polluted to the countryside with clear night skies and crisp air will increase your chances of success.

To help astronomy fans see upcoming meteor showers predicted across August to October, motorhome rental company Camptoo have analysed the best locations in the UK to camp out and view showers.

These natural phenomena can be used to plan your next UK vacation.

These are the five top spots:

1. Tomintoul & Glenlivet, Cairngorms in north east Scotland

The remote north of Scotland is a great place to stargaze and take in the night sky.

In 2003, the Cairngorms were made part of Scotland’s national park. They are home to a variety of wildlife, including mountains, tors and other high-altitude animals.

This is an excellent place to enjoy a winter escape, especially among those who love skiing, fishing and snowboarding.

Four hours and 54 minutes are the astronomical sunset hours, which is the time when the sky is at its darkest.

Peak hours are from 00:00am to 3:43am, and between 10:59pm and 0:00am on August 14. There are 25 campsites available for those who wish to camp under the stars.

4. Galloway Forest in Scotland

Galloway Forest is another area worth exploring in Scotland, located just west of Dumfries.

Although it was first to be designated as Dark Sky Park in the UK, there are only 11 camping sites available.

You can still enjoy two hours and 39 minutes of stargazing if you move further south.

It is from 2:48am to 4:09am, and between 10:34pm and 11:52pm. There are 15 hours of daylight available for daytime activities between stargazing.

5. Snowdonia National Park in Wales

This national park, which is located around Wales’ highest mountain, has the most campsites. There are 137 sites for tourists to choose from.

Visitors will find plenty of outdoor attractions to keep them busy while waiting for the sun to set.

Snowdonia is a popular destination for tourists and hiking, but it will be a wonderful place to see the meteor showers.

It will take between 3:15am-4:21am, and 10:18pm-11:23pm for you to see the stars perfectly. This makes it an extremely popular place to visit.

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