The owner of a ROM-hosting site has been taken into custody All unauthorized Nintendo consoles must be permanently destroyed

By now, you have probably heard of the lawsuit that Nintendo had filed against ROM-hosting website ROMUniverse and its owner, Matthew Storman. This website was able to host ROMs for Nintendo’s consoles and provided a subscription option that allowed users to reduce the maximum download size. The lawsuit was won by Nintendo, who ordered Storman’s payment of $2,100,000. The monthly payments would amount to $50.

Well, last month, Nintendo reported to the court that they haven’t received anything at all, and requested a permanent injunction against Storman out of concern that Storman may bring back ROMUniverse. Storman was ordered by the judge to destroy any unauthorized Nintendo video games and other copies of Nintendo’s intellectual properties, including books and music, by August 17th.

Storman was also required by the judge to sign a statement declaring that he had complied with court orders before August 20th. Storman may be charged with perjury if he fails to comply. The injunction means Storman cannot distribute, copy or sell unauthorized Nintendo ROMs anymore. He also can’t use any Nintendo trademarks and logos.


Publited Sat, 14 August 2021 at 21:39.24 +0000

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