These are the 15 best original Netflix series

Although it’s been quite a while, streaming services are thriving more than ever. You or someone close to you may have heard the expression “I watched everything in my queue” or “I saw everything on Netflix.”

You haven’t, sweetie.

Whether you’ve burned through your queue or your recommendations, Netflix still contains untold treasures should you wish to unlock them (since there’s still no A-Z search function, just assume you’ve glimpsed a mere tip of the iceberg). There are a variety of movies on our site, including rom-coms and thrillers.

Although we don’t consider ourselves close friends, Mashable Entertainment has gathered together to bring you the top Netflix original series.

These are 15 of the best Netflix Originals Series to Date (in no particular order).

1. They see Us

Caleel Harris and Ethan Harisse in the first episode of “When They See Us” on Netflix.
Credit: Atsushi Nishijima / Netflix

Ava DuVernay’s four-episode limited series drama When They See Us, which is based on the Central Park Jogger Case 1989, delivers an indictment against the United States’ legal system. It will stay with you well after the final episode. Asante Blackk and Caleel Harris star as young men who are trapped in an institution that is designed against them. This is the series you must watch if there’s one show on this list. –Alison Foreman, Entertainment Reporter

Where to watch: Netflix

2. Russian Doll

It’s chicken! It’s a great idea!

Russian Doll gets as close to a perfect Netflix binge watch as possible.

The first season consists of eight episodes that each last 30 minutes. The show is bold and explores themes such as mortality, trauma, human connection, all set against the backdrop New York’s East Village. It’s also hilarious. Natasha Lyonne starred in the role of Nadia. She is a 36-year-old woman trapped in a time loop when she dies. Nadia’s Groundhog Day-esque adventures become more complex with each episode. She races against time to find out why her body isn’t stopping dying and how she’s connected to Alan, a stranger in the same loop. Senior Entertainment Reporter

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3. Get Down

Whoever said disco is dead was lying — and hadn’t seen “The Get Down” on Netflix.

The Get Down Netflix’s original series mixes the true roots of Hip Hop legends such as DJ Cool Herc or Grandmaster Flash to create a fictional story about talented Bronx teenagers who want to realize their dreams. The Get Down, like many of Baz Lurhmann’s other projects, is partly a musical. Original songs from Sia, JanelleMonae and Christina Aguilera are mixed in with classics such as “Bad Girls,” the “Ball of Confusion” and, in its most memorable moment, Star Wars’ iconic theme. The show’s heart is not diminished by its flashy visuals. It’s as joyful and as hard-hitting, as the rap music it imitates. A.N.

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4. American Vandal

This photo contains game-changing clues in a very serious criminal investigation.
Credit: netflix

Although “Who did it?” might not seem like an appealing premise for true-crime dramas, American Vandal is actually a comedy about the case of a parking lot at a high school that has been vandalized with spray-painted penises. The parody is so good at capturing the style and has such an affable face that you forget it all exists. It’s easy to become as invested in the story as though it was real.

Peter (Tyler Alvarez), Sam (Griffin Gluck), look for the person responsible for the penis drawing in season one. Season 2’s laxative-laced lemonade was the second. What started out as a silly spoof on the endless hilarity and dick jokes, turns into a surprisingly empathetic exploration about adolescence. That still has plenty of time to laugh about penises or poop. It’s just hilarious. –Angie Han, Deputy Entertainment Editor

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5. Sense8

Never has the hive mind looked so cool like on “Sense8″ by the Wachowski sisters. ”
Credit: Netflix

Sense8 was created by J. Michael Straczynski and the Wachowski siblings. It’s as trippy sci-fi drama as one would expect. Eight strangers discover that they are linked by one mind and soul. This makes them targets for mysterious forces. There are many thrills to be had, including deadly chases and sinister conspiracies as well as intricately choreographed fighting scenes that were all captured and edited with stunning precision.

Sense8 is unique because of its focus on emotional connection. The show is almost revolutionary in its sincerity — its appeal for empathy, its faith in humanity and its celebration of love. The show wears its heartfelt, tender heart on its sleeves and invites people to touch it. Finally, it asks if you would like to share your heart with it. -A.H.

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6. Dear White People

Joelle (Ashley Blaine Featherson), Sam and Coco (Logan Browning) enjoy a short break from the rambling college life in “Dear White People”. ”
Credit: Saeed Adyani/Netflix

Dear White People is aware of the provocative title, but Justin Simien’s masterful comedy proves to be more insightful than incendiary. The only challenge it poses at the interpellated audience (and at nonblack viewers in general) is to see these characters as striving, learning, aching three-dimensional people like anyone else. As they warmly welcome them to your home, you can also invite them to Winchester University’s irresistible isolation. Every late-night hookup, student caucus meeting, and every late night party is an unforgettable experience.

This is the Armstrong-Parker dorm, which houses mostly Black students. Here are Sam Browning, Joelle Blaine Featherson, Troy Bell, Reggie Richardson, Joelle Blaine Featherson, Joelle (Ashley Blaine Featherson), Joelle (Ashley Blaine Featherson), Joelle (Ashley Blaine Featherson), Joelle (Ashley Blaine Featherson), Joelle (Ashley Blaine Richardson) and Lionelon Horton). Simien’s writers aren’t afraid to use satire and social commentary. Dear White People is never informational. This is an entertaining and informative course on modern race dynamics, wrapped up in sharp comedy. It will be easy to get sucked into Winchester’s bubble, and it won’t let you go. –Proma Khosla Entertainment Reporter

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7. Tuca & Bertie

You wish you had a friendship like Tuca and Bertie, but you’re only human.
Credit: netflix

BoJack Horseman’s animator Lisa Hanawalt presents the reality of millennial adulthood, and the bonds that make up women’s friendships. Almost everyone can be a bird. Tuca, played by Tiffany Haddish, is an affectionate toucan who reacts to any responsibility with abject terror. Her best friend, Bertie, is a neurotic and ambitious songbird. While their lives in Bird Town can be compared in certain ways (such as Bertie’s experience with sexism in work), Tuca & Bertie have an imaginative world that allows them to take creative risks, such as the existence of pubic lice, which party on human crotches. Tuca & Bertie uses animation more than any animated series on Netflix. It also makes use of paper cutouts, puppet sequences, and other techniques to emphasize important aspects of the story. A.N.

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8. Astronomy Club

Mary Poppins answers for her bias toward white children in this “Astronomy Club” sketch.
Credit: Lara Solanki / Netflix

There is no acceptable reason for how or why the ingenious Astronomy Club has gone this long flying low on Netflix radar, but you can do your part to rectify that immediately. Shawtane Bowen and Jonathan Braylock are UCB alums. They deliver brilliant sketches, but that’s only when they aren’t engaging in reality-show drama about elevated versions of themselves. P.K.

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In Betty Gilpin we trust.
Credit: Erica Parise / Netflix

This is the Gooorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. Created and produced by Liz Flahive, Carly Mensch, GLOW makes one smile every time you think about it. This half-hour drama combines rage-fueled 1980s feministism with timeless comedy beats. It’s the perfect blend of great television and great entertainment. Alison Brie is joined by Betty Gilpin in an extraordinary ensemble that takes us on a thrilling journey that we won’t soon forget. We’re looking at Season 4. -A.F.

Where to watch: Netflix

10. Unorthodox

Esty (Shirahaas) faces an unknown world in Unorthodox. ”
Credit: Anika Molnar / Netflix

Unorthodox tells the story of Esty Shapiro, a young woman recently married who flees Brooklyn’s ultra-Orthodox Hasidic Jewish Jewish community to seek her mother in Berlin. This miniseries is gripping. This series is among the most captivating I have ever seen. It captivates viewers in a world that few may know much about but are able to grasp. Esty, who arrives in Berlin confused and free, tries to find her home. Her family is distraught. Esty’s husband becomes distraught, and she begins to search for her. Esty also experiences independence from her small Satmar community. The story unravels and Esty discovers more about her past. She is now unsure if she will ever be able to attend a conservatory. Esty’s quest for more and the search of her family for it merge into an intense crescendo that combines family, community and independence.

Unorthodox is rooted in reality. This is part of the reason Unorthodox is so extraordinary. Deborah Feldman’s memoir, which describes a Satmar woman who fled to America inspired the film. A lot of actors were born Yiddish-speakers. The show draws on the knowledge of people who are familiar with these areas to make sets, speeches, costumes, and other moments authentic. While parts of the show may feel like you’re in a period film, it is actually based on the realities of ultra-Orthodox Hasidic Jewish community. – Kellen Beck, Entertainment Reporter

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11. Never Have

It’s been months since Mindy Kaling’s and Lang Fisher’s hilarious comedy about Devi (15-years-old) and her incredibly teenage problems. I don’t know what the naysayers were expecting. As it premiered on The Mindy Project, the show did not compromise or abandon its creators’ trademark sense of humor. The show was not going to tell the stories of all Indian American teens or immigrant families. Nor was it going be able to fix Devi’s numerous flaws over the course of one 10-episode series.

Never Have We Ever has so many other things. Devi is at risk of losing her sexuality and grief as well as a little bit of sociopathy. This Kaling production has the most impressive ensemble cast (no offense to the Mindy Project secondary characters, but a healthy amount of shade). There are scenes that will make you laugh, cry, or crawl out of your skin, as you recall the joyous highs and dark lows of childhood. P.K.

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12. Santa Clarita Diet

The American Dream: Nuclear family, suburban house, and white picket fencing — the American Dream! With one small glitch: on the “Santa Clarita diet. ”
Credit: netflix

You will be drawn to the gory plot, but you’ll also enjoy the sweet heart. Drew Barrymore (played by Timothy Olyphant) plays a couple in suburban California whose lives become ruined when Sheila Barrymore (played by Barrymore) becomes a zombie. Sheila (Barrymore) is a zombie who has a renewed zest for life. However, she also gains a lot of weight, attracts the attention of authorities and neighbors, and finds herself in a more bizarre place.

Joel is steadfastly by Sheila’s sides, determined to make it work, no matter how dangerous or strange the journey becomes. Or tense or terrified. Olyphant’s anxious chuckles are well worth the admission price. Santa Clarita Distillate is a touching portrait of long-term love. A.H.

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13. The Crown

Put on some blankets, and you will be able to relax while watching a deeply captivating but seriously flawed family.

The Emmy-winning series made a star out of Claire Foy, who portrayed a young Queen Elizabeth in Seasons 1 and 2. While Season 3 — now starring Olivia Colman — didn’t always reach the same highs, it remained a stirring portrait of a woman and a marriage that are both world famous and yet still shrouded in mystery. It is best to explore the moments between the headlines and the more intimate details of news stories you are familiar with. Both Foy and Colman can make an easy meal with a simple head turn, raised eyebrows, or one tear. Buckingham Palace’s luxurious production values make it awe-inspiring. But the most applaudable moments are the meaty monologues on God, family and country. -Erin Strecker, Entertainment Editor

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14. Education

High school sexual acts are rarely depicted in a way that makes you cringe. And yet, in the world Sex Education, these scenes are the bedrock of a blissfully understanding, caring, and ever-evolving world that presents the best of the best in acceptance. Asa Butterfield, Emma Mackey and Ncuti Gatwa lead the trio of friends as they navigate Moordale Secondary School’s student body and the challenges that lie within. –A.F.

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15. Stranger Things

Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin), Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo), Mike (Finn Wolfhard), and Will (Noah Schnapp) would rather be playing Dungeons and Dragons than the real-life version that uproots their lives.
Credit: netflix

Stranger Things is an excellent sci-fi series. These three seasons are filled with great stories, both horror-based and coming-of age arcs. Every season is built on tension and release. Each episode also features growing relationships and conspiracies from the government that makes each chapter more interesting.

In the 1980s, Hawkins in Indiana is where this series starts. There’s something very strange going on. An interdimensional rift is now visible beneath Hawkins, Indiana. Eleven, a young girl who has been tapped into the Upside Down dimension and escapes capture, teams up with other kids and attempts to stop the terror from entering the world. The threats change over time, but the element of terror and the unabashed ’80s keeps Stranger Things strong. This gives Stranger Things an extremely strong and consistent style. K.B.

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The list has been updated to reflect Netflix’s latest updates in August 2021.

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