Top Gear controversy Porsche Jeremy Clarkson
Nut size "Act of stupidity"

Top Gear controversy Porsche Jeremy Clarkson Nut size “Act of stupidity”

Top Gear controversy Porsche Jeremy Clarkson
Nut size "Act of stupidity"

Jeremy Clarkson stated that the Top Gear Porsche 928 GT was one of the most beautiful Porsche cars. Where is it seven years later?

2014 Top Gear: Patagonia Special, an Argentina-based event that featured three very special cars.

James May rode a Lotus Esprit V8 red Lotus Esprit V8, Richard Hammond drove a Ford Mustang Mach 1 and Jeremy Clarkson chose a Porsche 928 GT.

However, the car had an extremely unfortunate number plate, H982FKL.

The number of people affected by the Falklands War, which took place in 1982 between Argentina and Britain, was a major issue.

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This small issue, which appeared to be minor, caused Top Gear’s presenter to lose his job and all the other cast members to have to flee Patagonia.

What happened to the car, however?

As they had been attacked as they drove the vehicles, the cast was forced to leave the cars on the side of the road.

The Argentinian government had to transport the vehicles to a secure warehouse, fearing that they would be set on fire in the streets.


Just a few years ago, Argentina was joined by the UK in compacting the three vehicles.

At a Rio Grande junkyard, the Ford, Lotus, and Clarkson’s Porsche were chopped to pieces.

Autoblog reports that Andy William was Clarkson’s friend and producer of Top Gear. He claimed three vehicles.

Argentina declined them because they believed they would be used as “wartrophies”.

A third person commented, “Shredding both the Lotus and the 928 was an act cowardiced and stupidity.”

A furious fan stated that it was absurd to smash the cars.

You can just ship them outside the country in hidden containers.

Another one commented, “We shouldn’t be crushing old myths like this unless they’re far beyond repair.”

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