Tottenham manager Nuno Espirito Santito was warned about Harry Kane Man City tie: An error ahead

Tottenham Hotspur manager Nuno Espirito Santo has been warned of the risks of reintroducing Harry Kane to the Spurs team too early. Just two days ahead of Spurs’ match with Kane, the England captain returned to Tottenham training on Friday.

Man City were linked to a PS127million offer for Kane after Pep Guardiola revealed the club’s interest in signing the striker.

Tottenham are determined to keep their forward and Espirito Santo, the new manager of Tottenham also said that Kane would not play against City.

The defending Premier League champions will face Spurs in the final game of the opening round of fixtures this weekend.

But a former Spurs boss has urged Nuno to resist the urge to use Kane and give the player more time to get up to speed – regardless of what is likely to happen in the transfer tussle.


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“I think he’s probably not going to be in the squad because of football reasons and fitness-wise he needs that little bit of turning after having a good rest,” Glenn Hoddle told football.London.

“I think it would be disastrous to throw him straight in at the deep end, whether he was playing for Tottenham or Man City ironically.

He needs to be able to work with me a bit longer. He could be offered for a serious injury, but don’t forget that he has been isolated and doing all kinds of other things.

“I can’t see him as part of Sunday’s setup, no. “

It has been suggested that Man City would like to offer a player swap option in any agreement with Spurs to acquire Kane. This idea was rejected by Tottenham.

Hoddle believes that it is difficult to persuade any player from the first team to move to this position.

He said that Kane’s contract of three years is a hindrance to the agreement. This could mean Kane might be unable to agree on a deal for the transfer of Tottenham players.

“I’m outside looking in, but I imagine it’ll be difficult for any City player to leave City and go to Tottenham at this moment in time.”

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Spurs were linked to a variety of forwards over the past few days. Inter Lautaro Martinez, Fiorentina’s Dusan Velhovic and Fiorentina have both been reported as targets. Hoddle claims that no one player could replace Kane’s contribution to Tottenham.

Hoddle stated that he doesn’t believe you could replace him.

Spurs are facing a problem right now, I think. They won’t just be able reach out to the market and say “we’ll either have him” or “we’ll get him.” “

If we are going to be able pick the player that we like, we will have to rebuild our squad. It makes the situation even harder .”

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