We promise that it is easy to combine PDF files

You may find yourself in a situation where you need to merge multiple PDF files into one file.

Adobe, creators of PDF, has an easy-to-use and completely free online tool to help you merge your files within minutes. This easy to follow guide will help you combine multiple PDFs.

Adobe Acrobat Online Tool to Combine PDFs

Adobe’s free online tool to combine PDFs offers a clean and simple interface that’s easy to understand.

You don’t have to log in the first time that you use this tool. After you finish the process, select the option to save your merged file.

To use the tool again you’ll need to log in using your Google, Facebook or Apple account. Or you can create an account using your email address, a password, and your email address.

Signing in gives you the option of sharing your file with others by creating a link, or sending it via email.

Online combining PDF files

You will need your PDF files to be uploaded into the “Combine Files/MergePDFs” section at the top.

Credit: Screengrab: adobe

Drag and drop your PDF files directly into the box. Or, you can use the “Select Files” button to select files from your computer.

After you have uploaded the PDF files to your computer, click the “Merge/Combine” option at the top of the screen.

Credit: Screengrab: adobe. Pictures of kittens thanks to Unsplash/ Kote Puerto/ Andriyko podilnyk/ Bofu Shaw

Sign in to your account before you click the “Combine” button.

Credit: screengrab: adobe. Pictures of kittens thanks to Unsplash/ Kote Puerto/ Andriyko podilnyk/ Bofu Shaw

You can do so much with your PDF combined file

Once you have completed the merge process you are able to download your file or share it.

You’ll see the menu at the right side of the screen after the merge screen is complete.

Credit: Image: Adobe

You have additional options for editing your file. These include the ability to split it up, reorganize it and edit it. To make each of these options happen, click on the appropriate option.

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