Xbox Live Warning: Xbox One fans can get a new game for free today

Xbox Live Warning: Xbox One fans can get a new game for free today

Xbox Live Warning: Xbox One fans can get a new game for free today

You have many options if you subscribe to Xbox Live Gold and are looking for something different this weekend.

For both Xbox One and Xbox Series X, Microsoft has you covered, offering up three-game trials at no extra charge.

The tech company is offering free game play for the weekend, in addition to the Darksiders 3 release.

Darksiders, Yooka-Laylee and Yooka can be downloaded. Gamers also have the option to play Battlefield 4 Neon Abyss or AO Tennis 2.


While these titles are free to download and enjoy, they do have a time limit that expires at 8 o’clock BST on August 16th.

These games are the most recent to receive free trial on Xbox Live Network. More will follow in the months ahead.

These aren’t the only game demos worth checking out this week. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers also have options.

You can check Madden 22 if you’re a top-tier XGP member.

You will need an EA account to access the trial, which lasts for ten hours.

It’s an awesome bonus and something you should know about if your Xbox Game Pass Ultimate includes it.

EA has sent a message explaining that football season begins early for EA Play Members. Madden NFL 22 will be available for a free 10-hour trial, eight days prior to launch.

EA Play Pro members can also play full Dynasty Edition beginning August 12th. Each membership level includes unique Ultimate Team Challenges that are only available for a limited time, as well as a Launch Welcome pack, monthly rewards and other benefits.

If Madden 22 and any other games don’t appeal to you, the Games with Gold will soon be available.

Microsoft will refresh its free game selection via Xbox Live on August 16th. This new option is available for Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

Yooka and Laylee allow you to explore vast, beautiful worlds with an incredible cast of characters.

Begin an epic journey to defeat Capital B the corporate villain and his scheme to swallow all the literature in the world.

Garou Mark of Wolves, the final entry in Fatal Fury’s Fatal Fury series includes 12 fighters who will be participating in King of Fighters: Maximum Mayhem. T.O.P. T.O.P.

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