2021 Legends Of The AutoBahn - The Ultimate PhotoGalerie

2021 Legends Of The AutoBahn – The Ultimate PhotoGalerie

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Legends of the Autobahn had as many German cars this year as ever. Legends is fun even though the venue was slightly different. It was all about the cars, and they were amazing. There was an excellent mix of classics and brand-new cars as usual.

Legends saw the M3 and M4 new BMW cars, the M4 GT3 racing car and the BMW M5 CS. This is BMW’s most popular new vehicle and possibly its most thrilling. The ALPINA B8 Gran Coupe was another brand new Bimmer that Legends saw, and one we have been waiting to see. Although the M5 CS is a completely different machine than the B8 Gran Coupe, they are both excellent sedans.

The classics are still the most desirable cars. There were cars like the BMW 2002 and the BMW 2800 CS. Also, there was a number of great E31-generation 8 Series’. We were also able to smile at some modern classics, like the E46 M3 or E36 M3.

Interestingly, there were some electric cars in attendance as well. Seeing cars like the BMW i4 and BMW iX sitting in the same area as cars like the original BMW 2002 was quite the sight. The i4 and iX are massive design departures from the iconic design languages of the past. So to see the new electric cars next to the classic cars that fans have loved for decades is… interesting.

Legends of the Autobahn, as extravagant and lavish as some events can be, is a more accessible event. It seems to appeal to true-dealers, just like many other expensive, luxurious events. Instead of perfectly kept, ultra-low mileage vintage cars that have been stored in temperature-controlled garages, Legends features cars owned by enthusiasts that actually drive them. Check out the photo gallery for some amazing cars from Monterey.

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