Before he died, Elvis admitted to Priscilla his deepest fears – but he was mistaken.

Elvis was the most famous star of the 50s and continued to be a top-selling artist and make movies well into the 60s. Elvis’ voice and his image are as easily recognisable today as they were in 1950. Fans mark the anniversary of his death, August 16, 1977 at 42 years old, every year at Graceland with a variety of events. Only one King has ever existed. Elvis wouldn’t have known that his worst fear while alive would not come true.

Elvis charmed the world with his charisma and public persona. Few ever realized what his struggles were. Priscilla said later that Elvis didn’t want to show how anxious he really was. “

His fears grew in his last months. His short-lived girlfriend and backing singer, Kathy Westmoreland told him that he’d “never done anything lastable.” He said, “Never done anything lasting.”

Priscilla said: “I recall Elvis saying that he wasn’t sure if he quit singing. If he wanted to retire, he believed that everyone would forget about him. “

It was remarkable that at the time most people agreed with him.

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Elvis was a huge chart-topping superstar and had just released his final Top Ten US album, in 1965. None of his other studio albums in the 1970s have been in the Top 50.

Priscilla spoke of the doubts and fears he had in his final months. This shows where he is emotionally and where he thinks he’s at in his career. “

It is a tragedy that Elvis didn’t realize how successful he was. Although he may not have been the teenage idol, the singer was still a huge success with Christmas and gospel albums. These may have had lower charts but sold in great numbers for a longer time.

His 1971 Christmas album has sold three million copies and even one of his last film soundtracks, for Frankie and Johnny, sold a million copies.

The King continued his Las Vegas residency success and toured extensively through the 1970s. Three million copies of his 1972 Madison Square Gardens live album were sold. Elvis’ Aloha from Hawaii concert, which was broadcast on satellite and televised in 1972, became a massive hit. Five million copies were sold of the live album.

Elvis feared that Elvis would soon be forgotten and no longer be relevant.

Priscilla regrets, as does everyone else who loved Elvis, that he didn’t realize how important his legacy was during his life – or what it would be after he passed away.

She spoke of his worldwide fame and how many people continue to make it to Graceland every day. Take a look at these! Take a look at what you accomplish each year. Take a look at who you are. __S.33__

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