Britons call Blackpool, a seaside resort in the UK, a ‘fantastic alternative’ Benidorm: “Give it a try”

Blackpool and Benidorm: Same difference? __S.2__

Another person replied, “Blackpool Pleasure Beach – Fantastic and Great for a Day Out with the Kids”

Another said, “I love it” and that while Benidorm is not an option for me, Blackpool will be a great place to visit. It’s worth a try!

Even though it wasn’t as popular as Benidorm, Blackpool received a lot love.

A person stated that he had been to Blackpool many times and it was a great place for a laugh. […] I can’t believe the price of beer […]”.


One wrote, “Both have a lot to offer.” Both offer .”

It seemed that Blackpool was a viable alternative to Benidorm.

One poster stated: “I think Blackpool is closest to Benidorm vacation experience.”

Another person agreed with me: “I expected the place to look a lot more cheesier, but it was a Wednesday.” There weren’t many people drinking, although it was Wednesday span>

The weather is a factor in the comparison between Blackpool and Benidorm.

The promise of Spanish sunshine is too great for the UK.

Blackpool was considered to be a great alternative to Benidorm.

There is plenty of entertainment, and cheap beer.

Since Victorian times, tourists have been drawn to Blackpool’s seafront and promenade known as the Golden Mile.

Blackpool’s beaches make it a great place for a holiday.

Blackpool is a popular holiday destination.

Blackpool Beach is an absolute delight with its seven-miles of golden sand.

Lytham St. Anne’s beaches can be found just down the street.

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