Call of Duty Warzone Update: Major Season 5 Patch News Xbox 360, Xbox 4, and PC

Call of Duty Warzone has received tons of content for Season 5, and there is another one on the horizon.

Raven Software, the developers of Raven Software, resisted making major weapon changes in preparation for the launch of the next season. However it does not appear that it will be the case.

Online patch notes that indicate that the developers are planning to tweak some of the most popular weapons, and increase those which have been neglected by their users have surfaced.

Call of Duty Warzone’s meta changes constantly as new gear is introduced. There have also been times when it felt extremely unbalanced.

Sometimes, this has left you with a handful of weapons to push you into the last circle. However, recent months were a bit different.

It appears that the Warzone Update will bring some additional changes to help with shifting the meta.

Although we don’t yet know the exact date, there is a high chance that Warzone 2 will arrive on or around August 17.

These patches come around the same time as technical patches for the game. Tuesdays are the normal pattern.

Raven appears to be the source of these Season 5 updates. They appear to have patch notes that were available in advance for the update.

You will find details about the weapons being nerfed and other stat modifications. The Fennec is one of the guns being modified, along with a mix from Modern Warfare to Cold War.

According to reports, this SMG will see an increase in Bullet Velocity. This could help it rank higher in the current meta.

Submachine Gun Charlie of MW is experiencing a reduction in Maximum Damage and Max Damage, which may make it less efficient when traversing Verdansk.

Additionally, the M19 Akimbo loadout will reportedly include the nerfing of the AMP 63 Pistols.

Gamers will be able to check back on August 16 for any announcements by Raven Software regarding the release of this patch in the near future.

This is not the only major thing Call of Duty Warzone has planned this week.

Rumours suggest that Activision may use Warzone to unveil its next Call of Duty title. As part of an event, Call of Duty Vanguard is rumored to be unveiled in Warzone Thursday August 19th.

Although it’s not clear what the contents of this teaser will be, Warzone already has a lot of them available online. We’ll likely learn more over the next 48 hours.

Recently, Warzone events featured players who completed missions or sets of objectives and fought other teams on Verdansk or Rebirth Island.

This week is predicted to see something similar. It is most likely related to Verdansk’s Red Doors.

Raven recently sent a message about upcoming Season 5 events: “Whatever broadcast Perseus has set is making the Red Doors more volatile than ever.” Operators now report [[REDACTED]] after-mission briefings.

Be aware that these doors could send you to other locations than the one we thought was its destination. Keep your head above water.

“This may be related to the Mobile Broadcast Stations that were seen in Verdansk… however, at this point we are unable to declassify any more information for fear of double agents.”

It could either be part of Season 5’s Vanguard reveal or another Call of Duty event.

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