Channel Nine DUMPS the Ellen DeGeneres Show ahead of its Final season

Channel Nine DUMPS Ellen DeGeneres’ show in advance of its last season, following a toxic workplace scandal

Australia’s Channel Nine has dumped The Ellen DeGeneres show after eight years on-air.

Industry website TV Blackbox reported on Friday that the network will not be airing the final season of its long-running daytime show, with a spokesperson telling the publication: ‘The Ellen DeGeneres show won’t be returning to Channel Nine for its 19th and final season.’

Ellen said, “It has been an amazing run. We wish her all the best for her final season.”

Cancelled by Channel Nine: The Ellen DeGeneres Show has been cancelled ahead of the final season. Photo by Ellen DeGeneres

Since 2013, the American talk show has been broadcast on Channel Nine. revealed exclusively that The Ellen DeGeneres show would end in May after 19 seasons. The host confirmed the news shortly thereafter.

“I can promise you that this will be a great final season. This will be the season that I can truly say thank you. Thank you all. She said that every day would be a joy.

It is over. It’s over!

This news follows claims that Ellen has a toxic workplace. In July 2020, one former employee and 10 current employees made the allegations against Andy Lassner and Mary Connelly, three of Ellen’s executive producers.

After being accused by former and current staff members, Glavin, Kevin Leman, and Jonathan Norman, co-executive producers of the talk show were fired.

Ellen offered an apology following the announcement that WarnerMedia had investigated her show’s staff experiences.

Long-running daytime show: The American talk show has aired onChannel Nine since 2013

A long-running talk show on daytime: Since 2013, the American talk show airs onChannel 9

In a memo, the host wrote that she was taking steps to resolve issues she had with employees.

“On the first day of our show, in our first meeting, I stated to everyone that The Ellen DeGeneres Hour would be a place where happiness would prevail – nobody would raise their voices and everybody would be treated with respect. It was obvious that something had changed and it is disappointing to find out this hasn’t been. Ellen wrote in her memo, “I am sorry for this.”

“As our company has grown exponentially, it’s been difficult for me to keep up with everything. I have relied on other people to complete my jobs the way I wanted them to. She said that some people didn’t do it, but she was not surprised. “That will change now and I am committed to making sure this doesn’t happen again.”

Scandal: The news comes after claims of Ellen's toxic work environment were revealed in July 2020 by one current and 10 former employees of the daytime talk show who accused three executive producers, Ed Glavin, Mary Connelly and Andy Lassner, of 'bullying'

Scandal: This news follows claims that Ellen created a toxic working environment. In July 2020, ten former Ellen employees revealed Ellen’s problems. They accused Ed Glavin and Mary Connelly, three of their executive producers, of bullying them.


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