Covid Australia: Jesinta Benjamin is accused of being “out” Lockdown post – ‘of touch’

Jesinta Franklin was accused of being “out of touch” for suggesting that everyone is suffering through Covid lockdowns

Model Jesinta Franklin got into a skirmish with one of her Instagram followers after suggesting everyone was struggling with Australia’s Covid-19 lockdowns.

Lance Franklin, the star of Sydney Swans, spoke out on Sunday about how lockdowns can ‘take a toll’ on her mental well-being and mental health.

One of her followers, a 30-year-old woman, suggested that the WAG was out of touch with ordinary Australians due to her wealth.

Fight words: Jesinta Franklin and Lance ‘Buddy’ Franklin in 2015. Jesinta was referring to Australia’s Covid-19 lockdowns when she suggested that everyone is struggling. Photo of Lance “Buddy” Franklin and Jesinta Franklin, 2015.

An Instagram user wrote: “It’s easier to lockdown if your income isn’t affected or the bank doesn’t accept your request to place your mortgage on hold.”

“You have lost touch.”

Buddy, who currently plays for Sydney with a contract of nine years worth $10 million is among the AFL’s highest earners.

Jesinta has spoken out about the mental health struggles of her husband in the past. She responded, “Mental Health doesn’t discriminate.”

She added, “Telling someone that they can’t feel anything because somebody else is more fortunate lacks compassion,”

The great leveler: The wife of Sydney Swans star Lance 'Buddy' Franklin said the lockdowns 'can take a toll on mental health and well-being no matter your circumstances'

A great equalizer: Lance Franklin’s wife, who is the star of Sydney Swans, said that lockdowns can ‘take a toll mental health and well being no matter what your circumstances are’

Are you out of touch? A follower of the 30-year old suggested that the WAG was out of touch with ordinary Australians due to her wealth.

“I think some people find it more difficult than others. It would be so much easier if it weren’t. We need kindness and not comparison during these times.

Mother of two said, “We don’t know what somebody is up to behind closed doors. It doesn’t matter how normal their lives may seem.”

“I believe it is important to check in with those we love even if they seem fine.

Fired up: Jesinta, who has previously spoken about her husband's mental health battles, fired back: 'Mental health doesn't discriminate... We also have no idea what someone is going through behind closed doors, no matter how their life may appear on the outside'

Jesinta was fired up. She has spoken out about her husband’s mental illness before and she responded: “Mental Health doesn’t discriminate…We also don’t know what someone goes through behind closed doors. No matter how normal their lives may seem on the outside.”

Jesinta addressed Buddy’s demons in a 2016 interview with Cosmopolitan.

At the time, she admitted that her husband had been suffering from mental illness for their whole relationship.

She stated that the past three years have been the most difficult. “We have struggled so much in isolation, it’s kinda a relief that it’s all openly now.

To address his problems, the athlete pulled out of 2015 AFL Season.

Struggles: Jesinta addressed Buddy's demons in a 2016 interview with Cosmopolitan

In a Cosmopolitan interview, Jesinta discussed Buddy’s struggles in 2016.

Due to Covid border closings, the couple was recently split for several weeks.

Jesinta was in quarantine at a hotel on the Gold Coast with her kids. She had the intent of moving to Queensland with the Sydney Swans, GWS Giants and other GWS Giants.

She, together with more than 100 WAGs, and their families, were disappointed by the announcement of a three day lockdown and Queensland’s Delta epidemic. The Sydney teams were then evicted for the third time, and they were sent to Melbourne.

Even worse was the fact that Victoria, which Jesinta had flown into Melbourne on Friday with her children, was placed in its sixth lockdown.

Separate: Due to Covid border closings, the couple was separated for several weeks. Jesinta and Rocky were pictured earlier in the month.


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