Drivers are ‘critically important’ to smart EV charging technology Electric car investments continue

The Department for Transport continues to invest in an electrified future. One of its actions is to improve the UK’s charging infrastructure for electric cars. The long-term investment of billions of pounds in the project will see the ban on the sale of petrol and diesel vehicles starting from 2030.

While standards won’t encourage smartness, incentives will be created for companies that offer smart charging options to create the best customer experience.

“Changing behavior is extremely difficult. Therefore, the government must encourage companies to consider how they could make it easy for customers to switch to electric vehicles.

“The value exchange” is crucial; drivers need to feel the government is on their side, but companies must prioritise customer service. Only then will adoption really accelerate.

Smart charging technology is becoming more important as battery prices fall and EV batteries get larger.

Smart charging is a way to maximize battery life.

Many drivers don’t realize that their batteries could be five times more damaged if they charge them within the 80-100 percent range per KwH, instead of the 50-80 per KwH range.

Smart charging allows consumers to keep their batteries healthy and in control.

Watson acknowledged that some people may be reluctant to make an investment in electric vehicles, but assured drivers by saying that there were nine years prior to the ban on new petrol automobiles, which allowed for a smooth transition.

He stated that “We are seeing major car makers make pledges to switch all-electric vehicles, so we believe the industry is on the right track.”

Consumers can’t expect to change to an electric vehicle unless they feel it is practical. There needs to be more communication about how driving an EV not only benefits the environment, but also your wallet.

We must unite our efforts in order to help consumers make the switch to electric.

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