Elvis Presley Lisa Marie: “I was a wreck when I discovered my father had passed away.”

Tomorrow, August 16, 2021, marks the 44th anniversary of Elvis Presley‘s death. The singer, who died in 1977, was just 42-years-old when he was found in his bathroom at Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee. The star died from cardiac arrest after he was reading while on the toilet. His only child, Lisa Marie Presley, was just nine years old at the time and in the next room when he was found dead.

Lisa Marie gave a television interview to mark the 35th anniversary Elvis’ death. She recalled her last visit with her father.

She stated, “I don’t like to talk about this.” At 4 AM, it was August 16.

I was actually supposed to be sleeping. You know, he found me. He said, “Go to bed.” He said, “Go to bed.” I replied: “Okay.”

She was then kissed by the King and taken back to her bed. She said, “That was my last sighting of him alive.”

Lisa Marie opened up about realizing her father was gone when she woke up.

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Lisa Marie recalls: “I was in my bedroom, which was next to his toilet. I knew there was something wrong.

So I realized that there was something very wrong. It was all chaos and noise. “I was an absolute wreck.”

Elle added, “I was in a lot of trouble. But I wasn’t confused.

Lisa Marie asked Robert Kendall, the funeral director, to give her something.

At first, Robert and Priscilla Presley were a little reluctant to let Lisa Marie do it, but they eventually allowed it.

Robert was then presented with one of her bangles by the young girl, which he placed on Elvis’ right wrist.

Priscilla asked Robert to wrap the bangle in Elvis’ cuff so that nobody could steal the jewels.

Numerous people attended the funeral including many of Elvis’ ex-girlfriends.

Included in this line-up was Ann-Margret, who was utterly distraught to learn about the King’s death.

In her memoir, the actress said that she had seen Vernon Presley’s father at the event. They hugged tight and they cried.


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