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Final Fantasy 7 IS REMOVED From Game Pass: First Grand Theft Now this and Auto 5

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Final Fantasy 7 IS REMOVED From Game Pass: First Grand Theft
Now this and Auto 5

Microsoft removed another major release from Xbox Game Pass.

Final Fantasy 7 is now available on Game Pass, a week after it removed GTA 5’s subscription service.

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If you don’t have the game finished, you will need to buy it at its full cost.

The current price of the game is PS12.79. However, Xbox Game Pass members will get a slight discount.

Ape Out for PC, Crossing Souls and Crossing Souls are two other games that have been removed from the service.

Elsewhere Darksiders Genesis and Don’t Starve will not be made available to Cloud subscribers.

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Many games, including Hades, have been added recently to the service.

This action-role-playing game lets players try to escape Hell as Zagreus (son of Hades).

Hades is loved by critics and fans alike. He has a 93% Metacritic score.

Official description reads: “Defy the god of the Dead as you fight out of the Underworld of Greek Myth in this Game of the Year-winning roguelike dungeon crawler.”

You’ll be able to wield mythic powers of Olympus and gain more knowledge with every escape attempt.

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Hades and Art of Rally are now available on Xbox Game Pass.

Art of Rally, a stylized experience that is inspired by Absolute Drift’s golden age of rally.

Race across the globe in colourful, stylised environments.

Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass subscription allows you to access hundreds of first- and third-party titles.

These include Microsoft titles such as Forza, Gears of War, and Halo that are published on the same day.

Xbox Game Pass subscriptions cost $7.99 per month, and PS10.99 for Ultimate Pass.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate allows users to play online on Xbox Gold and PC consoles, as well as through the Cloud.

Publited at Sun, 15 August 2021 15:16.31 +0000

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