Henry Blofeld makes the heartbreaking decision to leave UK amid sorrow
"violence": "Lost its charm"

Henry Blofeld makes the heartbreaking decision to leave UK amid sorrow “violence”: “Lost its charm”

Henry Blofeld makes the heartbreaking decision to leave UK amid sorrow
"violence": "Lost its charm"

The 81-year-old returns to screens today as he attempts to win ITV‘s celebrity edition of Tipping Point: Lucky stars. The comedian Joe Lycett will be his opponent, as well as Pussycat dolls’ star Melody Thornton. He hopes to win charity money. Blofeld, who is popularly regarded as the UK’s greatest ever commentator, was known for his humorous dialogue while explaining the scenes on the pitch.

Blowers was affectionately called Blowers. His talents won the public over and he made a name for itself on BBC Five Live’s Test Mest Special.

Blowers is just as charismatic when he’s not in the commentary box and has a reputation for wearing stunning outfits.

He did however confess that he intended to flee the UK following “horribly violent” events in London.

Blowers told the Daily Telegraph that three years ago he was moving to Menorca and “wouldn’t own a home in London”.

Blowers said the following year, one year after his retirement: “I don’t like it anymore.”

It’s becoming, I think, dangerous but also horribly violent, isn’t?

“One of these mopeds was used to knife a friend,”

According to reports, crimes committed by moped crooks have increased in recent years. In 2012 alone there were 827 such crimes.

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Blowers wanted to stress that his move to Menorca in the Spanish Balearic Islands does not mean he is pro-EU.

He replied “No!” when asked if he was a Europhile. He replied, “No!

He did however add that he thought so, “Well, actually I think I do, in the fact I am married to an Italian lady.”

Blowers was a TMS member since 1972. He received a standing ovation when he completed a lap at Lords.

Blofeld had sharp words to say about the modern UK society, in addition to his concern about crime.

He stated that he believes we now live in an age where conformity is the norm, while when I started we were characterized by fierce individuality.

Conformity is dangerous because it can lead to everyone sounding the same.

Political correctness is the reason.

Blowers, before he retired from cricket, admitted that he didn’t care if England lost. When asked his last words on the commentary box, he replied “no idea”.

He said in a 2017 interview that he would not be emotionally involved. You’ll see it happen.

“I have seen a lot of Test matches and will be watching one more. I am sure I will watch more. It’s possible that I didn’t comment on the last one I watched… who knows?

Tipping Point: Lucky Stars is live on ITV today at 3.50pm

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