John Mellencamp (69), splits from Natasha Barrett (46) After a brief courtship

It’s over. After a brief relationship, John Mellencamp splits from Natasha Barrett (46), after a short courtship…after Teddi, his ex-RHOBH star daughter, introduced them.

It has been announced that John Mellencamp, singer and songwriter has parted ways with Natasha Barret, after an initial romance.

Teddi Mellencamp, his ex-RHOBH star, introduced the 69-year old rocker to Natasha (46).

The couple was first seen together in May, and reports suggest that they were dating just for a few months.

It is over. After a brief courtship, John Mellencamp splits from Natasha Barrett (46-year-old couple was pictured together in May 2012, just months after their first date).

CloserWeekly reported their split on Saturday.

Barrett is a celebrity realtor. He has worked alongside Chris Pratt, Anna Faris and others to sell their LA house when they were married.

According to her bio, The Agency states that she enjoys traveling the globe in search for her soulmate.

Single again: According to the bio on her firm's website The Agency, it says celeb realtor Natasha, 46,  enjoys 'traveling the world in search of her soulmate'

Solo again. According to her bio at The Agency, Natasha (46-year-old celeb realtor) enjoys “traveling the globe in search for her soulmate.”

Setting up her dad: The 69-year-old rocker - previously known as Johnny Cougar - was introduced to Natasha, 46, by his daughter, ex-RHOBH star Teddi Mellencamp (Pictured, 2018)

Set up her father: Teddi Mellencamp, his ex-RHOBH star, introduced the 69-year old rocker to Natasha (Pictured 2018, 2018).

John, 50, was professionally associated with Jamie Sue Sherill (celebrity skin-care specialist Jamie Sue Sherill), last year.

The couple was first reported as a couple in April, but they split in January 2021.

John, now 59, was previously engaged to Meg Ryan. He reportedly decided not to marry again and ended the engagement.

In 2019, they split and it was reported that their relationship ended after John decided he did not want to tie again the knot, having been married three times.

Longtime love: John previously dated Meg Ryan, 59, but ended their engagement in 2019 because he reportedly 'didn't want to get married again'

John was in a long-term relationship with Meg Ryan (59), but they ended their engagement in 2019. He reportedly said he didn’t want another marriage.

People magazine was told by a source that he didn’t wish to marry again. Although he loves her, he never thought marriage was a necessary part of his life. Meg doesn’t seem to know how significant a marriage was.

“But they shared a lot of their time together, and it’s too bad that they separated. The two of them got along well.

John and Meg were together for 8 years. There was a short split when Christie Brinkley dated John.

Lover: The rocker is also known for having dated supermodel Christie Brinkley (Pictured in 2015)

Lover: He is known to have dated supermodel Christie Brinkley (Pictured 2015).

After reconciling, they got back together in November 2018, before ending their relationship in November 2019.

The Jack and Diane singer was previously married to Priscilla Esterline (1970-1981), Victoria Granucci (1981-1989) and Elaine Irwin (1992-2011).

John has five children with his former relationships: Michelle, Teddi (39), Justice, 36; Hud, 27; Hud, 26, Speck 26.


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