Karren Brady is furious at footballers being required to get vaccines “Must be your personal choice”

Karren Brady is furious at footballers being required to get vaccines
"Must be your personal choice"

Karren Brady, television star and outspoken evangelist, is not a stranger to speaking her mind. Boris Johnson’s cabinet has been targeted by the businesswoman, who insists that everyone must decide for themselves whether or not they want to get vaccinated with coronavirus.

Karren (52 years old) has blasted the government by claiming that they were “as much of a hindrance than a help” during the pandemic.

The vice-chairman of West Ham United has revealed that she suffers “nightmares” for football players who refuse to be vaccinated.

Karren, a mother-of-two, shared her hope that Boris Johnson’s “libertarian instincts” will steer Prime Minister David Cameron clear of his timidity.

In her latest newspaper column, The Apprentice star claimed it was “odd” to allow vaccinated football fans into stadiums to watch a match while players could be allowed in if they are not vaccinated.

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Ms Brady wrote for The Sun: “If vaccines became mandatory, all players who rebel wouldn’t be eligible to play on the field.”

It would be helpful if the Prime Minister stated now that he wasn’t going to stand firm with these two-jab refuseniks.

Then she added: “Will they? He shouldn’t know, and no one should. Vaccination must always be an individual choice.

It is easy to see how young, fit people who live in protective bubbles and are tested each day may be reluctant to get it.

Karren revealed recently that Sophia, 25 and Paolo (22 years old) “flatly refused” to get vaccinated against this virus despite Karren’s “begging.”

According to her, they are not the only ones “hesitant”, as NHS statistics show that just 18,100 young adults under 25 have come forward each day.

Karren said: “I begged them both for the jab. But neither one will.

They refuse to believe in you and won’t listen.”

Karren said that her children, despite the absence of any evidence, believe there are greater risks than benefits to the vaccine.

Sophia was concerned about fertility and the vaccine’s effects on it.

Paolo has also been diagnosed with coronavirus. His symptoms include a loss in taste and smell.

Her son thinks he’s less likely to get the virus from his mother again, and should he do test positive for it, he won’t become too sick.

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