Marvel responds to Dave Bautista’s omission of Drax The Destroyer from its TV series

The first episode of Disney Plus’ latest show, What If …? was released earlier this week. The Guardians of the Galaxy and Black Panther actor Chadwick Boseman will come into contact later in the season. Drax star Bautista will not be involved, however, something the actor was very vocal about on his Twitter account. In a recent interview an executive producer from Marvel, Brad Winderbaum, hit back at the actor’s comments.

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Winderbaum started by saying that every Marvel actor had been asked to portray their character in “some way, shape, or form” either directly or through their agents.

Winderbaum replied to a question about Bautista’s comments: “I also saw that.” It’s not clear what actually happened.

We would love for him to appear on the show. There’s likely some confusion. (Via Variety).

Bautista was not the only actor to have his character removed from the animated series in the MCU.

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What If …? does not include Elizabeth Olsen, Chris Evans and Chris Evans.

Winderbaum said that this was something Winderbaum was unhappy about.

He stated that he believed part of the problem was actually the schedule. It’s hard to know. “We didn’t press that hard.”

These comments are in response to Bautista’s last-week outburst on his Twitter account.

Gunn replied simply, “What?”

Bautista was not the only one to make a remark about his employer.

Bautista said in an interview earlier this year with “I’m kinda just there. As a salaried actor, I am told what I should do and directed how to perform. “There’s very little to be done for [Drax].

He continued, “The truth is that I feel so comfortable as Drax.” “I’ve seen so many movies as Drax.”

Bautista said: “… Drax is very fleshed-out. He is so familiar to me, I can identify him and my castmates, I also know their names, the characters they play, James’ style of directing, as well as what that will be like.

He also spoke out previously about ending his MCU time.

He stated that “we work in trilogies, and James Gunn already announced it as his final film. And when James is done, I’m done.”

Guardians of the Galaxy: What If …?? Disney Plus has other Marvel movies available now.


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